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  1. You don't need to get rid of it. It needs to be dealt with. Generally speaking, the feeling of anxiety causes one or another internal conflict. This feeling, this conflict, can be considered as a point of growth – if you are ready to analyze it: in what situations it occurs, what thoughts trigger anxiety, etc. Where is my soul, where is this lump? If you still want to simplify your life, try using the technique of psychotherapist Yermoshin, described in the book “Things in the Body”.

  2. Do you have a false sense of anxiety?
    Yes, it happens.

    What is the reason for this?
    With anything – for example, I can notice a rapid heartbeat and think that it's going to get bad, which provokes fear; or wait for a response to a message and think that they are going to write ” Motherfucker, come here, you dog shit, you fucking stinking asshole decided to come to me?!”. The plasticity of the brain allows you to connect any physiological reactions and any stimuli of the environment, any sensations and any thoughts, any thoughts and any emotions. The alarm looks “gratuitous” because the alarm triggers are often random objects.

    And how to get rid of it?
    No way. If an alarm occurs , you can't do anything about it. Attempts to get rid of it (switching attention, relaxing, trying to convince yourself that everything is fine, checking) worsen the situation and create anxiety about the inability to remove the anxiety. I pay attention to the sensations and thoughts that have arisen, to the urge to check whether they have already responded or to feel my chest for painful sensations, and do what I would do at this moment if there were no anxiety – what is important to do now. For example, if the alarm occurred during a conversation, I try to continue writing what I planned to write, despite the discomfort. If I'm riding on a bus and I feel anxious, I keep driving and look at the sensations that arise.

  3. Hello.
    I will answer as an Orthodox Christian.
    Everyone has different feelings of anxiety, but there is a common reason for this.
    The name of the reason is self-doubt.
    Many people believe that it is possible to develop the qualities of a super person, which will suppress the very possibility of this cause. But this is a dead end. Once you achieve this (fearlessness), you won't have long to live. After all, you came to the top of your development, while simultaneously challenging God Himself.
    In fact, this is a sign that you are far from perfect (relative) and have a long life ahead of you, if you start looking for a solution to this problem in the right direction.
    And it lies in the plane of development of our soul.
    A person can solve this problem simply:
    We should try to live according to the Ten Commandments.
    A lump in the soul arises from the discrepancy between our mental needs and real affairs.
    For example.
    Who observes this a lot?
    To get rid of this problem, you need to realize that each of our problems is deserved by us and pills only temporarily stabilize the situation.
    I recently took the path of Christianity and this feeling is familiar to me.
    So far, I can't deal with the annoyance that comes from disagreements in the family.
    But I see progress in humility.
    You can't invest your brains in others.
    Everyone has to go their own way.
    Although it is also not necessary to be silent, but it is necessary to talk from the position of LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.
    And at the moment, the prayer of Psalm 90 helps me.
    I turn it on with my headphones on, repeat it, and eventually fall asleep.
    By the way, the essence of this prayer is that living with God in our soul, all our problems will disappear into oblivion.
    Here is a link to the prayer:


  4. Increased anxiety is most often caused by negative events that have happened in your life. Rough – subconsciously afraid of repetition.

    When you feel the approach of bad thoughts, switch your attention to what is happening around you, talk to someone – a salesman, a conductor, etc., and eat something delicious. The main thing is to switch your attention!!!

    1. Of course, it happens.

    2. There can be a lot of reasons – the habit of worrying, the influence of hormones, a real premonition.

    3. Manage

    • move to the HERE and NOW. Anxiety arises as a result of winding yourself up, waiting for something unpleasant, i.e. a person thinks either in the future-comes up with what horrors can happen, or in the past – remembers how bad it was once.

    • think about how high the probability of something bad is, remember how many terrible things were already expected earlier, and how much actually happened.

    I've had a lot of trouble in my life, most of which never happened (M. Twain)

    If it's even slightly high, come up with a plan B.

    • concentrate on deep breathing – a full breath into the stomach, a slow exhalation.

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