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  1. I like to watch and interpret my dreams. I also sometimes interpret other people's dreams. there are dreams that are easy to interpret. For example, chicken eggs for your guests or business trip. Paper to noise scandal. Cats lead to trouble and so on .further.

  2. Sleep plays an important role in memory, and in general in the work of the brain.
    The phenomenon itself is like a dream, i.e. what we see. This is the analysis and structuring of information received during the day. Prediction and interpretation of dreams – delirium and obscurantism.�
    If you, for example, are always worried about your health, you will dream that you are sick or dying, and so on.

  3. No one yet knows exactly what the role of dreams is and why our brain “shows” them to us. Personally, I strongly believe that we dream either what we want or what we are afraid of.�

    In fact, it is quite interesting to analyze and analyze your own dreams. That's just a sound analysis and interpretation of the dream book-these are two completely different things. By analyzing your dreams, you will be able to better feel and understand your emotions. People often resort to self-deception to hide their shameful desires, and if they appear in your dream, in which you felt great, well, then there's nothing you can do about it, your brain will not deceive you. But the dream book is a mixture of generally accepted associations associated with various objects (for example, a tree – the beginning of life, fog – the unknown, etc.). And since all people perceive this world differently, the interpretation of the dream book is unlikely to help you.

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