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  1. To give a phenomenon a scientific explanation, you must first give it a scientific definition. What is meant by “brain removal”? This is the same subjective assessment as “boring” or”infuriating”.�

    There are always two people in conflict. Therefore, if one person says that the other “takes out the brain” for him , he so slyly withdraws, leaving the partner responsible for the relationship. “She took out my brain with her “Why don't we go anywhere?”(And really, why don't you invite her anywhere?), ” How long can I take out my brain with my repair?”(Until you hear that she's tired of living in peeling walls.)

    The masculine “don't take out my brain” is an analog of the feminine “oh, that's it.” Both are avoiding the conversation and relieving yourself of responsibility. And when people refuse to listen to each other, the result for their relationship can be deplorable. And this is a completely scientific fact.

  2. My opinion is that the scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that girls are not always able to express their complaints directly (and this is not their fault). For example, a girl is unhappy with you because you are a complete asshole, but she still (she doesn't know why) loves you. She can't tell you that you're a total asshole. Yes, and it is unpleasant for her to think so (I'm exaggerating, you may not be a complete asshole, but you did something very bad – for example, you didn't do anything good for a long time). She is very offended that you disappoint her and gradually cease to be the ideal guy for her, whom she loved with all her young and ardent heart. And to whom I have given more than to anyone and ever, literally, all of myself. Put yourself in her shoes. It just hurts so much when the magic prince suddenly turns out to be a fucking bartender who doesn't seem to need you at all.

    An important point: girls don't fuck brains, they (indirectly) express dissatisfaction, voice (non-specific) complaints (this has many names), but guys are fucked by the brain. It is impossible to become a witness of this phenomenon in order to study it (this is logical, you are either a guy or a girl, you can't know what is happening in two heads at the same time). This is the main pitfall of this phenomenon. By the way, I think guys can fuck their girls ' brains out too, and for the same reason. This is called and interpreted in various ways, but to say that this does not happen is like thinking that there is nothing under the water of an iceberg.

  3. It depends on the level of intelligence. And the level of intelligence depends on your potential. Let geneticists and metaphysicians guess how potential is formed initially. The higher the potential, the more a person strives to learn about himself and the World around him, is more self-sufficient and less demanding of others ' attention. The lower – the stronger the dependence on society and the desire to throw off responsibility for something. This directly applies to any partner, regardless of gender.

    And if there are no abstractions, then the partner should be chosen not, for example, according to her tits and his wallet, but according to the level of their intellectual and spiritual development and based on common interests. It is possible that in the process of living together there will be quarrels, resentments,and attempts, but the” takeaways ” of the brain are not.

  4. I can say that some men themselves are happy about some scandal and even quite consciously run into it.

    For example, my ex-boyfriend constantly tried to drive me crazy, but I'm not a scandalous person by nature, I just hushed up the topic or didn't react in any way. But there were a couple of times when I “exploded” and started to take out his brain, because his behavior was simply unbearable for me. So what do you think, he instantly calmed down and again he is a cute fluffy affectionate cat.

    So, not all girls are happy to take out a guy's brain, and some guys even enjoy it.

  5. The fact is that from the point of view of anthropology, these are the social relations between partners at a time when a girl subconsciously needs to make sure that this particular man is ready to have offspring. Subconsciously, the behavior of “brain removal” is similar to infantilism, imitating communication with a small child, who will need to be interested, and be able to play with him in his games and generally invest in development, and not slip away(including from being unprepared for such behavior).

    The rest of the arguments given in the answers are rather external, which, like the fact of behavior itself, are already based on the problem and do not explain much about what is happening.

    All the best.

  6. I often hear from other girls: Well, I'm a girl, I can. It sounds sarcastic, it seems like a joke, but then they seriously start doing devilry. I think this is a problem of environmental influence: parents have clear gender roles that they shift to the child; teachers who put girls and boys in an unequal position (in my school, they often threw phrases about women's failure and irrationality). Templates can also be attributed by friends.�

    “If a person is told 9 times that he is a pig, he will grunt 10 times” – folk wisdom. So girls are taught from an early age to shift responsibility from themselves to their gender, and when a person is not responsible, he can afford more.

  7. It seems to me that this can still be explained by the fact that women have not been listened to for a long time, and there is some residue left, that they do not listen to us, that any thought needs to be pushed aggressively enough, and this sits in us absolutely unconsciously.

  8. There is an explanation for this, and it can be attributed to psychology, if psychology is a science.

    To learn the truth from a person, you need to take them out of comfortable conditions. “Brain removal” plays this very conclusion. In anger, you don't think what you're saying and you lose control. Many people use it. But most people don't know how to use it. So much for love.

  9. There can be many reasons. But there is always an impact target.

    1 There are conditions for brain removal: confidence that other methods do not work, previous similar actions led to the desired result ( reward) or were not punished, while as a result of the action, the internal conflict comes out and relief occurs.

    2 Since there are inter-sexual relations, then in any case the family model is played out, the woman most often sets her goal for the success of the family, since she is directly interested in this, she and her offspring will potentially not be protected if her partner is weak or the family is undeveloped and has shortcomings, thereby she is acutely worried about her “project” and tries to correct behavior towards the ideal model. The partner most likely sees his success in the woman herself and her behavior, and deviation in behavior and conflict can break his ideal and narrower model-so he experiences stress and this creates an internal conflict that is most likely to be resolved outside the partnership.

  10. Most often , in my opinion, this is due to deep self-doubt and lack of sincere interest in anything. Maugham has some beautiful lines on this subject in one of his works. I will not quote, but the point is that women are completely immersed in the depth of feelings and passions, not always understanding that a man is an independent person, a person. Not a “half”, as some people like to think. Thus, they suffocate men with their love, desire to possess, and attempt to bind them to themselves forever. Because of this, conflicts most often occur. I repeat, not all women are such. Self-sufficient, self-loving, self-respecting(!) partner� and constantly busy women do not do such nonsense)

  11. Checks you for rank.Well, who are you in life alpha (leader, he is respected, he is the first in many aspects of life.And he'll get lucky in life.And in relationships with men and in any team, he is the first.The strongest,the best, etc.He is in demand among girls, holds a good position, etc.
    If alpha means a successful man for the establishment of offspring from the point of view of evolution(well, like children will be as strong, healthy, lucky as dad)So ATTRACTIVE on an instinctive level and women get wet automatically seeing it.Although they consciously despise and understand that he is not reliable in terms of family.After all, the alpha is not sharpened for this.
    Either you are an omega (roughly speaking, a schmuck and a nonentity) weak,the only thing for which it is suitable is to keep offspring(SOMEONE ELSE's OFFSPRING, usually from the same alpha), well, that is, as a farmhand, supplier and resource.A thing that no one needs in one word.By the way, as a rule, they are simply bred for a dime without even giving it to him.Just for the perspective of his own ILLUSIONS.Well, in short, he is the last outsider, weak, sucker, etc.And everything usually turns out to be shitty for him,this is the one who was smacked at school,gnobili-the complete opposite of Alpha in short.From the point of view of evolution, SECOND-RATE CRAP, which means it is not suitable for life and does not deserve offspring, happiness, well, in terms of the wife's family, etc.In general, natural selection.Although not fair.So Mother Nature decided.The strongest survive.
    And well, alphas are actually 5 percent, there are still betas that are like an alternative to alpha and its replacement, in which case they usually make up the majority of men and married people-here.And well, omega is shorter like bad.And maybe good…..

  12. Check for rank(who are you in life)

    Fight back?Probably alpha-will respect

    Will you be condescending, kind?It will choose its feet over you and most likely change them

    That is, 90 if not 100% of life depends on WHO you were born.Alpha?He will go through life in communication with people and with women there will be no problems

    Omega-you will be an eternal sufferer looking for the meaning of life, constant bullying, unsuccessful personal life, lack of social contacts and other joys

  13. I concluded that a man is physically strong,while a woman is psychologically more stable.Beat(for men) or take out the brain(for women) – weapons.For a woman, it is necessary in order to achieve those goals that she cannot achieve without a man.So why are boys taught in childhood not to hurt girls,but girls are not?(in our countries, for sure)

  14. It depends on what is meant by “brain removal”. There are just hysterical impudent women who are not satisfied with their life, they are used to tearing down their dissatisfaction (not necessarily just sexual) and take it out on their partner. If the partner is weak, he endures. If strong-gives the neck to the sweetheart.�

    There are cases when the “maternal instinct” works – or something similar. She meets a guy, sees flaws in him, and she tries to “remake” him. The guy is satisfied with everything, as a result of quarrels. And there is no such thing that once everything was decided and everything is not discussed. Nope, women try to get exhausted and after a quarrel on the topic of why are you smoking again in the toilet after a couple of days again begins to reproach and complain. As a result, either he gets rid of the lack (for example, lowers the toilet seat), or periodic quarrels continue, or she comes to terms with this (which is rare), or they break up.�

    There are so-called “activists” who are interested in everything-today in the cinema, tomorrow for Korean lessons and sewing markame. And the guy for happiness at the same time enough computer, TV and to have something to eat. As a result, again conflicts.

  15. A reasonable and convincing answer to this question is given by V. O. Pelevin in his best novel “S. N. U. F. F.”. It is useless to retell it honestly. Read it, you won't regret it anyway.

  16. Solid blah-blah-blah and it looks like shkoloty (“the girl takes out the brain”):- ) Here is a crystal example of brain removal – the husband plows at work from early morning until late at night, the wife does not work, the family council decided to improve housing conditions, there is money, it was decided that the wife “in her free time” will be engaged in ads, phone calls, etc., and when the option that suits in her opinion comes across, the couple will go to see the object on the spot. However, almost every evening after the husband arrives from work, he is “taken out of the brain” so – ” and when will we finally buy a new apartment (house)?”. At the same time, no one was looking for anything and did not call anywhere. Well, my dear psychologists, is it also my husband's fault?: -)

  17. Right now, militant feminism is being ignored and the hell with it. Women have difficulties with associative thinking, they tend to develop several logical chains at the same time, without trying to connect them into a single whole and justifying the whole sum of often vain, from the point of view of men, actions by any single chain, which in the absence of others looks quite logical. Attempts to link all these many ideas into a strategy fail, because when they are connected, they begin to contradict each other. Men are certainly infuriated and at some point the desire for the hundredth time to understand and explain something just disappears.

  18. Brain removal has a very simple and scientific explanation. If you have read Novoselov and ethologists in general and know about the primitive way of society, then it will be easier for you to understand. I'll try to be concise.

    For thousands of years, one of the main signs of male survival and competition among themselves was stress tolerance, aggressiveness, and high primacy (dominance of subconscious processes and instincts in behavior). Ensuring victory in the struggle for resources. An example of “I want to eat and I don't care about everyone – I'll go and get it.”

    Let's take the example of school years. Because at school, children have not yet fully grown the cultural component. There is always a “boy leader”. He's aggressive, he's stress-resistant, he dominates weak guys. He takes whatever he wants. He never apologizes and never explains his behavior. He does what he wants.

    Let's take as an example the typical situation of “gopnik in the district”. You go to yourself and do not touch anyone, in the alley they ask you for a light. Words don't make any sense in this situation. Because the gopnik already wants to punch you in the face and turn out your pockets. The right thing to do is punch him in the face or run. Or hint that “try to risk finding a cigarette.”

    High-primitives (who are dominated by the subconscious part of the brain) do not recognize words and explanations, they recognize status and dominance. In this case, physical.

    Now why am I doing this?! And to the fact that for a million years, women chose highly competitive males because they were the fittest. Let's look at an example : the poor and drunks, convicts, always have a lot of children. �

    But! in our 2000 years, with the development of civilization, low-priority males have become more successful in life. That is, not the captains of football teams and bad guys, but nerds and “suckers” have become more successful in life.

    The female instinct still continues to work on the search for a high-priority male and BRAIN REMOVAL is a subconscious test of the male for high-priority.

    A woman with” brain removal ” is waiting for you to put her in her place, showing your high-priority dominance or show her the door. If you start showing low-prim traits during brain removal (trying to negotiate, put pressure on feelings, culture, and upbringing), then your assessment in the eyes of a highly prim being falls. And this creature begins to consider you a lower rank. If this happens to a female, you automatically lose your sexual appeal. If this happens to a gopnik, then your resources are taken away.

    I'm not saying that all women are highly prim, but for the most part, they are. Low-priority behavior in women was not encouraged by evolution.Therefore, when removing the brain, you should first put the person in his place and wait until the emotions stop, and then turn to his low-priority (conscious part) and try to negotiate.

    They dominate in the case when they” take out the brain ” emotionally.

    They negotiate only with a calm person.

    Remember, we are only animals that wear human masks.

    (such posts are usually fiercely ignored by females)

  19. the scientific explanation is so simple that it is even unscientific. The reason is the lack of respect for each other, the understanding that human relations are equal and equal, that no one owes anything to anyone.

    As a result, people show psychological violence, which manifests itself in different ways. Including removal of the brain.

    In general, reading the answers, I am specifically surprised. The described examples seem to be from cheap sitcoms. Where do you find them? And, most importantly, you continue to eat cactus.

  20. Not quite an answer to the question, but a far-fetched experiment. Women answer about how women's brains are taken out, while simultaneously ignoring men's comments.

    This is called it. I'm sorry if you can.

  21. Lack of dialogue, unwillingness to understand the partner. Men are like fakirs with a pipe. And women are snakes. I mean, if a man wants to, he can calm his woman down with one word. Women are complex in structure, but easy to handle.

  22. Mmm, don't men do that? Some men can stand the brain even worse than women. And what scientific explanation is there, if it concerns everyone? In addition, you don't need all the women under one comb.

  23. Science is not needed, because everything is simple: women pay more attention to” petty ” problems and, by virtue of their psyche, are hysterical about and without. Because of suspiciousness and emotions, women's reactions become “brain-bearing”, but this is simply because they can not accept the problem or are worried that something bad will happen. And I, as a representative of the male sex, agree with the ladies in this regard, since now a bunch of “moral impotents” have divorced, who score on the girl either as soon as they have achieved it, or as soon as they have married/given birth to children, and this really pisses me off, so much so that I am ready to drive these flabby fatties and *** into the ground with all my might… I'm sorry, but it's true. Just for the future: if you listen to your significant other (regardless of gender, by the way), then there will be no brain damage and your relationship will live much brighter and longer. I know by myself and strongly advise you to pay more attention to your halves than to TV/Internet, etc. Love and be loved!

  24. So-called “brain removal” is a fucking scientific term, of course. In general, everything that is so called, including tantrums, is a helpless reaction to indifference. And why is this more often attributed to women, despite the fact that men also like to increase the brain?

    – women are virtually incapable of physical influence to achieve their goals. If a man blows in the face or wraps his hands, then the woman has to pick her nose;

    — women's words are generally given less meaning, there are a lot of studies, I can search for a link. And since there are no reactions to words, but only indifference, the natural reaction is to push;

    – preoccupied women. They worry about everything, otherwise the offspring and she will be fucked. Therefore, it is more difficult for a woman to give up on everything, to be a pofigistka, if there is a problem-it is necessary to solve it. And if she didn't need a man to solve half her problems, she'd be happy and alone…but only a man can solve many problems, and he does not want to, he is lazy, he is indifferent, it is not a problem for him, and in general he often likes to say “oh, that's all, don't take out my brain”;

    — this is socially acceptable behavior for women. Men are less likely to allow themselves to take out the brain and only in the framework of protecting their machismo (where did you walk until 11 pm?!), otherwise “what are you like a woman”. Such offensive comparisons are sometimes a deterrent, but they are not a panacea. And it is not good for a woman to let go of her hands and fight, which we rarely see, but to take out the brain-society does not mind, it itself labels this as “womanly” behavior. Brain removal is, of course, a purely gender marker.

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