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  1. For me, happiness is when it's just calm and quiet. Both in the environment and inside.

    I remember one day, in the late afternoon, I realized that I just hadn't done a damn thing all day. I just lay on the grass and didn't have a single thought. I just couldn't remember why I was lying there, what was holding me there, what I was thinking. Not a drop of anxiety or annoyance.

    So for me, the highest pleasure is to enjoy the moment.

    Carpe diem. Non memento mori.

  2. Create. Go into the details of this process. To sink to the very bottom of understanding, and then realize that there is not enough life to create a sense of completion. It's a breath of air, it's my personal drug that makes me wittier, more accurate, more alive. In a word, some kind of madness.

    Something deeply dug helps to look at things in a different way that you didn't notice before. And even … admire them. I want to show this beauty to others, but how to stop this moment?

    The beauty of the moment is the highest beauty. And the process of understanding this is the ultimate pleasure.

    PS I asked and answered to understand better than others and myself, but, damn it, how difficult it is to describe the incomprehensible thing that is inside you.

  3. Pleasure – reaching a new height in your favorite business.

    In my case, in volleyball.

    Happiness is when you help the team win a game and everyone understands that you are the reason for the victory.

    In general, there are many reasons to experience the highest pleasure)

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