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  1. Well, if you're getting so drunk, then you should tell me something clever, too. Or not so much � – if you're lucky.
    In my personal opinion, the uniqueness of Russia lies in its contrasts. In no other country in the world will you find such polar things that co-exist together. This is the famous Russian spleen and absolutely crazy festivities. This is a unique human frame and absolute razdolbaystvo. Only here a homeless person can give a very interesting lecture on philosophy, and doctors of sciences, associate professors and other scientists can talk absolute nonsense. The modernity of business centers and the terrible backwardness and razdolbannost literally 30 km from these centers.
    There is very little balance, zen, or golden mean in Russia. Our life works according to the law of “all or nothing”, “ban or disappear”. If summer, then +40, if winter, then -60 (we all understand that I take the maximum spread of completely different regions, right?). And so it is in almost everything. I am more than sure that if you think about it, you will remember more than a dozen such examples yourself.

    For my taste, it is this stormy throwing in different directions that is the feature, the unique feature that leaves an imprint on you and me, on our mentality and lifestyle. And to be honest, I'm not at all sure that without these stormy swings and tosses, Russia will be Russia)

  2. I do not know what subtexts the author put in his question and what answers he wanted to get, but from a formal point of view, Russia is unique in absolutely everything. Whatever aspect you choose, it will be unique. The length of borders, ethnic composition, language picture, political structure, social development, attitude to the elderly, the quantity and quality of alcohol consumed, climate, labor productivity, the number of millionaires, the number of beggars – all are unique. The fact is that uniqueness is an immanent property of any country. Poland, Zimbabwe, Liechtenstein, Canada, etc. are unique countries. There are no similar countries at all. We can, of course, find some similar parameters, for example, the number of years of study in school or parties in parliament, and also use some generalizing criteria, such as countries on the “p” or “large countries”, but these will be exactly similar, and not identical descriptions. Therefore, all of them will be unique for each individual country.

  3. Surrealism of everything that happens. Take the same well-known VK public, where they upload photos of these Soviet high-rise buildings and other buildings. This is a mixture of styles, when everything is so civil and beautiful in the center of groda, but you walk a couple of steps, and here it is this aesthetic. Get a technical education, the program of which mostly consists of currently irrelevant disciplines, in order to get yourself a background in the artistic sense. And all that stuff, I won't even mention the obvious stuff.

  4. you know, in my life I have come to the conclusion that we have 2 uniqueness and uniqueness.
    the first is the general inertia of society.

    That is, “I don't know anything about my hut on the edge”,

    And the second is the endless sucking up of the uniqueness of Russian culture.

    At the same time, the uniqueness of Russian culture is seriously sucked in by people sitting at imported computers, wearing imported furniture, eating imported products and watching imported movies.

    From my statement, you can draw an obvious but not correct conclusion, they say I'm a Russophile or something similar.

    Nefiga similar, I kosmpopolit.

    I am for the merging of cultures and finally the unification of humanity into one single nation.

    I think it's time to stop looking for individual merits and finally focus on the future.

    Sundresses and kokoshniks are best left in history. once it was necessary, but now it's just a memory.
    And don't try to look for something that isn't there.

    we don't have any uniqueness. well, yes, there is a certain mentality and…� everything. that doesn't make us so super unique)

  5. Our country is the only one in the world.endowed with a huge territory, rich resources, and unique qualities of the people. Russia can be self-sufficient. But while people who are indifferent to the fate of the country and the people are in power, all the advantages from heaven are melting away every year.

  6. Nothing. Absolutely. Almost any more or less common phenomenon in Russia, if you want somewhere in the world, you can always find a close or at least comparable ” analog. And this matching process is actually very interesting and instructive. Exceptions are so rare, narrow, and highly specific that it would be inappropriate to mention them here. Which is not surprising – after all, the nature of people is the same everywhere. And those who believe that Russia (or any other country in the world) is deeply unique and original, in my opinion, only admit their own ignorance and narrow horizons.

  7. The uniqueness and uniqueness of Russia for me is manifested in the fact that only its residents are able to enthusiastically and constantly discuss the question of the uniqueness and uniqueness of Russia as the main issue of their lives.

    Representatives of other countries and peoples discuss philosophy, religion, art, science, politics-both world and national. Well, or, at worst, they earn money.

  8. The unique history, mentality of the people, geographical location,long-suffering of the Russian people and the infernal ability to step on the same rake over and over again is ,if simply and in three words.

  9. Disclaimer: I don't want this to sound like a hateful/anti-patriotic response, but of all the things that haven't been identified yet, this one seems to be the most important and noticeable.

    For me personally, the peculiarity of Russia lies in distrust and hostility. And it doesn't matter if it's a metro station or a meeting of directors of large companies: Russians unwittingly do not trust their counterpart, because on the edge of consciousness they see him as an enemy. At the same time, under the influence of alcohol, there is often an incredible scale and depth of love for the whole world – perhaps the same hidden feeling that is blocked by caution when sober.

  10. This is all IMHO, right? Well, if so, then…

    First of all, for me, the characteristic feature of Russia is its culture, which, for me, is exclusively intellectual in nature. The poverty of everyday life, the poverty of architecture, and the poverty of other forms of such art are compensated by the richness of science, literature, and philosophy. Naturally, the last two names may have a traditionally purely European form, but the content is exclusively local. (I will note that I do not draw distinctions between Europe and Russia, and at the same time I draw them, if you agree that characteristic distinctions can be drawn between Europe and Spain, Hungary, Poland, Germany, etc., etc.)

    Secondly, it is a great tendency to utopianism. The speakers above have illustrated this with a few examples, so there's nothing left for me to say here, though… Returning to the filling of “Western” forms with the Russian spirit: Well, where else could such utopian Cosmism have appeared?�

    And not in isolation from this, we should pay attention to a certain kind of nihilism in the social environment, which is very stable and apparently very ancient. I would go to the trouble of revealing it, but I won't. There is still a lot to think about and speculate on.�

    There is really a lot more to be said here, but I will focus on these three points that are characteristic of me personally.

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