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  1. Everything that arises in a person's consciousness, as his understanding, is not just neural connections (fields) at the brain level, it is an integral system that has been trained by experience in experiencing specific actions and states that are an integral part of the learning process and, ultimately, a skill. Just understanding how a particular state of the neural network that allows you to make a conclusion, judgment, or estimate is just an explanation in itself. It can be neither a guide to action, nor, moreover, the action itself. We need an incentive, like the need for the necessity of an event or action in us.

    Thinking is a consequence of a lack of understanding. You have to think only because you don't understand something. Understanding is enough, when it comes, you don't have to think. A sighted person does not need to feel his way, he sees it. Understanding is the eyes, thinking is the blind search. Moreover, thinking cannot give you the right answer, because thinking only repeats what is already known, because it happens already on ready-made knowledge. Understanding has nothing to do with the past, it is here, now. This is an epiphany into reality.

    The mind acts like a computer, but before the computer can give you any answer, that answer must be embedded in it. You have to provide the information; then it will give you the “answer”. This is exactly what the mind does – a natural biocomputer. It collects data, knowledge, information, draws conclusions, and when a question arises, the mind pulls out the answer from the collection it has collected. This is not a real response, it is only the dust of a dead past.

    Understanding is pure intelligence, it is originally yours, because you were born with it. No one can give you intelligence, it is your true being, it cannot be borrowed. It can only be sharpened through meditation, such as throwing out borrowed knowledge while restoring the innate innocence and freshness of your being. When you act out of this freshness, you act out of understanding. Only then can there be a response in the here-and-now that happens because you were challenged not from the past mind, but from this moment in life.

    Yes, you can think dialectically, overcoming the contradictions of the mind, destroying its illusions. But this does not save a person from being stupefied, because the mind itself is the cause of stupidity. And it doesn't matter how dialectical it can be. The difference is in the fool himself, whether he is a dialectician or not.

    It is necessary to remove the very cause of its stupefaction. And without removing the mind, and, in fact, without surpassing yourself in the mind, you will not solve the problem as a whole. Therefore, you need not so much to develop dialectical abilities, but rather to understand that thinking is nothing more than dreams in words, built only on images and representations of reality, and not on the reality of your existential being as consciousness itself.

    Of course, such an understanding will cause you uncertainty, doubt and even confusion, which says that there is no way out within the mind, that no thinking gives you not only a new you in existence, but, on the contrary, prevents you from returning to it here-and-now.

    All thinking is built on what is already known, on the past, so it leaves you in the mind, in the same illusion of perception of yourself and the world. But it is this understanding that becomes incredibly valuable to you. It puts a person on the edge of the life and death of the mind, the mind loses its power in you, it is defeated because it can no longer maintain any confidence in it. You are getting closer and closer to the death of the mind.

    And this is the greatest event that can happen to a person in his life, this is the greatest luck, God's gift, when you suddenly see that the mind is confused and that through the mind you will not get out no matter how much you cling to the non-EGO.

    It all depends on the context in which you act, what motivates you, what is your understanding? If this understanding serves only your instincts and your programming for social motivators, you are not free in yourself, you are guided by them. And vice versa. So you need to get into something that can be a rule for you, a relaxation, a path that can, although not necessarily, put you on the path of real changes in yourself.

    A person lacks understanding and awareness of ” who are you?”, so he is forced to follow artificial guides in himself. And the more unconscious you are,the less effort it takes to follow. By maintaining this state, you achieve your goal. When you are unconscious of yourself, you automatically worship either the nature of your instincts that is manifested in you, or the will that is aroused by the desire for feelings in yourself, for the sake of obtaining pleasure, which is exactly what unconsciousness needs.

    Therefore, pleasure seekers seek out all sorts of ways and means to remain unconscious. Following spiritual traditions becomes an easy achievement in this regard, since renunciation in favor of God has always been held in high esteem. He's responsible for everything.

    No one is ready for self-denial if they are not honored. Therefore, true seekers of self in God need to be aware of this kind of” possibility ” of spiritual search. The real follow-through can be someone who understands the need to release attachment to their senses and is not interested in satisfying their ego.

    Spiritual experiences are not conveyed in words, only from heart to heart. Without love, this is not possible, because it is not an experience of the mind, it is not in the mind, but beyond it. That is, before you may need a mind to formalize this experience, for example, if it becomes necessary.

    True search cannot come from the mind, although the mind must be convinced (have an understanding) of its necessity. But this is more a deception of the mind (we need to deceive the mind) than its need to look for something. All that the mind can find for itself is awareness, in which the understanding of what to look for next, as the driving force of the search, is easily dispelled.

    And here, just, an important role is played not just by understanding, but by something more. Namely, the love of self-seeking, ignited by the direct transmission from heart to heart of the spark of God, kindling the fire of awareness in the soul. Only this flame of self-love in God, inexorably moves us from insight to insight, burning the bridges built by the mind in our memory. And there is no choice, the house is completely engulfed in flames, whether to worry about matches lighting up in it.

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