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  1. First, you need to know the optimal definition of wisdom according to the Dahl dictionary. Ozhegov's dictionary gives a very bad definition.

    Wisdom is mental and moral perfection.

  2. Wisdom is the solution to specific problems. It exists as knowledge, for example, books, with the possibility of implementing experience. It is used everywhere.

  3. Reading books and understanding them is a material for acquiring wisdom and training the mind and soul.

    Multiplying the acquired knowledge and associations with the acquired life experience and independent analysis of what is received from the outside gives the desired wisdom.

    People who have become fans of any teaching (especially fashionable ones) or religion, as a rule, do not have wisdom. No need.

    Everything is chewed up and served in an attractive package-dogma, dogma or just TV news.

  4. It seems to me that wisdom is the ability to extract the maximum amount of benefit from the events of life. A kind of experience multiplier. For example, event A. A conditional person learned X experiences from this event, and a wise person learned 4X.
    The experience gained affects a little bit of everything in a person's life, but nothing in particular: thus, logic allows you to make the best decision in each situation, and wisdom only allows you to learn as much experience as possible from a mistake, if a mistake was made.

  5. everything is subjective and relative, and wisdom in its true meaning is something absolute. Of course both reading and experience can contribute to the accumulation of wisdom, but they may not help. For we know that first of all, those whose books we read and who we call geniuses have often shown with their lives that their ideas and their real life are very different things. In their own lives, they sometimes showed even more unwisdom than their readers, etc.�

    As for experience-you see, history is not a factual field, not an exact science, but an interpretation of existing facts, facts that we have not witnessed, but only from the words of certain eyewitnesses, each of whom may be biased and biased. Therefore, your life experience can also be misinterpreted and interpreted. For example, a bus recently overturned near St. Petersburg – and a certain odious person made a statement that it happened because of a recent viewing of the film Matilda. )
    This is of course a curious case I gave, but I think that you have caught the meaning. Interpreting what is happening may not be what life teaches us.

    What is wisdom in my opinion? I will answer simply by putting here excerpts from a book that I consider authoritative on this subject. This is Holy Scripture. So :

    .. Behold, the fear of the Lord is true wisdom, and turning away from evil is understanding.
    (Job 28: 28)

    20 And Daniel said, Blessed be the name of the LORD for ever and ever. For He has wisdom and power.
    21 He changes seasons and seasons; he puts down kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and understanding to the prudent.
    22 He reveals the deep and hidden things; he knows what is in darkness, and the light dwells with him.
    (Dan 2: 20-22)

    26 If you desire wisdom, keep the commandments, and the Lord will give them to you
    . 27 For wisdom and knowledge are the fear of the LORD, and his delight is faith and meekness.
    (Ser. 2: 26,27)

    5 Behold, I have taught you decrees and lawsas the Lord commanded me, my God, that you did so in the land into which you are entering to possess it;
    6 so keep and do them, for this is your wisdom and your mind, the sight of the Nations, which shall hear all these statutes, will say only this great nation is a wise and understanding people.
    (Deut 4: 5,6)

  6. Every living being has instructions for using the body. It is also present in a person, so to speak – bio-stitching. Duc here is a bio-planking is a kind of corridor in which actions are realized. And the most meaningful – that is, effective ways-are wisdom.

    Therefore, the question is about books and life experience. Since this effective path is learned from books and life experience.

    I recommend reading books from the field of Evolutionary Psychology, it actually tells about bio-programming and how it is projected on our modern life.

    The world of all sorts of horseradish.yu was shelled very, very much, he began to collapse under the weight of the chaos of an unwise (not clear )path.

  7. This is the ability to manage in a certain way what is given to you, a certain degree of knowledge of yourself and the world. Neither books nor experience can guarantee this knowledge. If you read a lot of smart books, you'll get married five times and then get divorced… Oddly enough, this may not add to your wisdom. This is a huge work on yourself. There are people about whom they say “wise from birth”, or “how wise he has become” – I will be happy if this really happens…

  8. Roughly speaking, wisdom is an understanding of the world around you, based on life experience, knowledge and reflection, as well as the ability to use this understanding correctly. Reading books and life experience alone will not make you any wiser, I have seen enough educated but stupid people and adults who think like children. It is important to be able to draw the right conclusions from knowledge and life experience.

    If you want, you can practice the correct perception of knowledge. What does this phrase mean?:
    “Rules are necessary in order to think carefully before breaking them” (c)

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