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  1. “What goes away always comes back , just as winter follows summer.”

    Everything in this world is cyclical, starting from global events and ending with the daily life of an individual. Cyclicity accompanies us throughout life. Joy replaces sadness. After sadness comes happiness. For the happiness of tragedy. And behind the tragedies, calmness. Black replaces white, white replaces black again.

    Therefore, you need to be able to adapt to everything. To the time in which you were born and live, to opinions, to systems, to bad and good. And live as you want, engage in self-development, enjoy what you have and strive for more. To satisfy your own desires. Whether it's childbearing or learning alchemy. The main thing is that it satisfies you, because this is the only important thing in life. The world revolves only around you.

    Your own world.

    And also: try to live without taking anyone's life.

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