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  1. Listen to yourself.

    There are so many experts and books around claiming to know how to live our lives. That's not true.

    Only you know what your life should be like. And when you don't know, all you have to do is wait for a hint on what to do next to appear from the inside.

  2. Dan Simmons 'Hyperion tetralogy is very responsive:” Choose Again.”

    But it sounds a little different to me: “There is no right thing!”

    And it's about the same thing: freedom to think, choose, and live.

    My grandfather used to say the same thing in his own phrase: “Live with your head. Let it be wrong, but with your own.”

  3. I'll answer with a quote from one of the songs of the group “Zero”:

    Our childhood, our youth,
    Our broken old age,
    Our being, identity –
    Where else can you find one??

  4. The main principle of my life is to understand what the world is and how people live in it. When I developed a conceptual Gnostic philosophy, it made my life fulfilling. Life is amazing, you just need to understand it.

  5. I have two life principles:
    “You can do anything, but in moderation.”
    Do and create what you want, but be able to stop in time.
    “We'll sort it out on the spot.”
    I don't like to make plans, because they always tend to go wrong. And I don't like to get upset again. The same principle applies to high expectations: don't expect too much, and even a little will make you happy.

  6. Don't Lie to Yourself / Be Yourself:

    • Ability to understand your motives and desires (introspection).
    • You are the center of your universe. As you decide ,so it will be (taking into account the circumstances and responsibility).
    • Only you decide what's right and wrong.
    • Your beliefs / principles are the same law as the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (for you).
    • If your beliefs have changed , you have changed, you have become different.
  7. In my opinion, this principle is universal when it comes to a person. I see the essence of this statement in the fact that all people see happiness in their own way, try to achieve it in their own way. Some people have high goals, while others don't have very high ones. Someone tries, someone does not really. And everyone comes to their own result, good or bad.

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