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  1. I was periodically disturbed by dreams in which there was a thunderstorm, lightning. Once I even had a dream about ball lightning – a terrible picture that inspired great fear. When I woke up, I could feel my heart beating fast. It took a few minutes to realize that this was just a dream. With the realization of this, it became easier for me, I understood that everything was fine with me and I was not crippled.

  2. For me, a nightmare is one that is accompanied by sleep paralysis: I see something unpleasant and can not move for a long time, turn away from it in a dream, while something squeezes the chest and an incredible fear appears, you can not scream. Yes, even if it's not a nightmare, but at the same time sleep paralysis occurs – it's still unpleasant. I've only had it three or four times. The very first one was 7-8 years ago after the death of my grandfather, on the night after his funeral: he got up in my dream from the coffin, and I couldn't turn away and move. Another similar dream was 2 years ago after the death of my grandmother and also on the night after the funeral: I dreamed of her image, at the same time it seemed to me that I was lying in my room awake and someone knocked on the door, entering the room, and again I could not move, after which I abruptly woke up and realized that everything that happened was But after such dreams, I turned on the light and fell asleep with him.
    Now sleep paralysis is rare, after stressful situations, and already such vivid stories are not accompanied.

    Psychologically, I am affected by dreams where close relatives die, I am very worried all day after. And the worst dream, after all, when in a dream you feel the fear of your own death, the realization that soon everything that is close to you (relatives, friends , and the whole world)will come You just won't see it.

    Personally, my dreams tend to be forgotten, only the fact itself can be remembered, and I don't remember the description anymore. Maybe it's for the best.

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