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  1. First, of course, the one who has his own point of view on any issue. If a man knows how to think, think and argue, then this is already his strength. A woman considers the man strong, whose opinion she trusts and whose opinion she is ready to listen to. :-)))

    Secondly, someone who understands women's weaknesses.: -))) Although women's weaknesses are a loose concept, but still. [If she sits and paints her nails, he doesn't bother her. If she coos for half an hour with some kitten, too. :-))) This is me in general terms. A strong man understands that a woman is still a woman.: -)))

    Third, of course, a strong man is a calm man. Who, in principle, somehow knows how to control their emotions.

    Fourth, you can rely on it. Note,” do not sit on your neck”, but rely on it. Said and done.

  2. Someone who has his own principles, who has his own point of view and is able to defend it. And, of course, one that will come to the rescue in any difficult moment.

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