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  1. The one that you like, how else? Someone Leps, someone Meladze, someone sings Allegra and loves.. In a drunken state, our devils climb, well, I listen to Russian rap music. It helps me relax and at the same time think about the eternal and important things – relationships, family and life values. It can be useful:)

  2. Why use the tag “philosophy” here? It's pretty simple.�

    As the girl already said in the comments, just listen to what you like. From personal experience , this is the most exciting experience.�

    But it is obvious, of course, that you will hardly like any classic mush in this state).�

    It is better to listen to something loud, it is not for nothing that such loud music usually costs in clubs.

  3. Ahaha, that's a great question. Depends on gender and age. I listen to viagra, propaganda, and demos.. still hands vvreh and inveterate scammers. This is my youth and childhood, these are bright times full of fantasies and hopes. It was great =)

  4. If you drink alone, then definitely Hands Up and a Gentle May. Preferably, the most mournfully sad of their compositions and always with long solyki. Not only does it fit perfectly with a dreamy-melancholic mood and causes an uncontrollable desire to kick your arms and legs, but it also evokes memories of how you were not invited to dance at the disco in the 6th grade

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