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  1. I don't say so myself. I hear from clients who:

    • have problems being overweight and / or overeating;
    • they feel “burned out” at work (usually after a long and difficult project is completed);
    • survived the betrayal of a loved one;
    • lost a loved one (usually a blood relative);
    • they are very young and do not yet know their strength (by the way, it is here that extremely smart and whole young men and women meet).

    The phrase usually goes something like this: “I feel empty inside…”

  2. I don't say that about anyone, because in the literal sense of “empty inside” people, that is, those who have discovered the Emptiness inside themselves and understood the nature of this Emptiness – there are not so many, and I did not come across such people. And even if they did, I know what the phrase “empty person” means in society, so I wouldn't use it.

    In society, this phrase does not mean inner Emptiness (the source of everything), but, on the contrary, overcrowding with all sorts of negativity, for example:

    • Fears. A person is afraid to have their own views, defend them, is afraid of their future, is afraid of other people, is afraid of their interests, is afraid to “have a face”, is afraid to try new things, is afraid that it will not work out, is afraid even of their success (!), what is not afraid…
    • Limiting beliefs and self-images that lead to a galaxy of problems, ranging from lack of motivation and low energy levels to getting into toxic relationships
    • Past resentments and emotional traumas that also force a person not to live but to exist in their own zombie world
    • Various complexes
    • Negative opinion about yourself and others

    There is another side of the coin – these are those people who say about others that they are “empty inside”. I would ask these people if that's why they call someone “empty inside”, because this supposedly “empty inside” person:

    • Doesn't think it's necessary to argue with you
    • Doesn't think it's necessary to prove anything to you
    • Doesn't think it's necessary to tell you about your hobbies, hobbies, and interests
    • He doesn't consider it necessary to confirm your sense of self-importance by either agreeing with your opinion, with your beliefs, or by disagreeing with these things
    • Doesn't think it's necessary to be friends with you
    • He doesn't think it's necessary to show off in front of you or anyone else
    • Doesn't consider it necessary to create some image of himself in front of you and somehow assert himself in front of you (as you do)
    • Doesn't consider it necessary to start and maintain a relationship with you
    • Doesn't think it's necessary to talk like you do
    • Doesn't think it's necessary to behave the way you do
    • Doesn't share your values, your morals, your beliefs
    • Doesn't share your views on life
    • Doesn't share your lifestyle
    • Doesn't share your goals and motivations
    • Doesn't share your perception
    • Doesn't think like you do
    • Doesn't react the way you do, or doesn't react at all
    • etc. etc.

    Therefore, I do not recommend anyone to call someone “empty inside” – you either have no idea what you are saying, or just “defend” against this person, who is on a different wave and thereby, as you think, devalues your “wave”.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  3. I can't imagine how you can evaluate a person “in general” like this!

    I know how to evaluate a person's actions.

    In principle, this is what I advise everyone to do – evaluate only their actions.

    After all, it is actions that really say something about a person, and not his words, a lot of thoughts, ideas and all sorts of stories about himself.

  4. The question is posed in such a way that by the word “empty” inside, we mean something not good. And I mean by this word a completely different meaning: “As soon as I close my eyes for meditation, I feel a flow of Qi pulsing in me, Like a swarm of insects flying, Pleasant feelings spread inside me. The sensation permeates every cell, EMPTINESS fills me from the inside out. I forget myself, I become like a cloud, The mind and the cosmos are swallowed up by Nothing.” With respect.

  5. I don't say.

    I don't like all these dances around spirituality, soul, emptiness, fullness and so on.

    There are people with whom I am pleased and there are those with whom it is not unpleasant.
    whether they are full or empty, what difference does it make? It's not like I'm in a talent contest, so I don't have to evaluate it.

    and why do it at all?

  6. “Empty inside” can be described as a person without a soul. He has no feelings of love, fear, compassion, etc. Like a robot. I don't use that term,but that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw those words.

  7. Such people do not exist in nature at all, because everyone has something in their head,soul,and heart.But there are those who are exhausted,who in principle have a very small stock of knowledge and with them it is boring,uninteresting, very gray.And there are still those who hide behind a certain mental wall.For me, in any case, this phenomenon feels exactly like this.I have a very good sense of people and from the first minute I feel their openness or this very wall, an obstacle that cannot be passed through.And I prefer to have very limited contact with such people,because you can expect anything from them,and most often such people are simply not in contact.

  8. I believe that this is a person who does not have any spiritual values and does not strive for anything. As a previous commenter wrote: there is no absolutely empty person. Everyone has at least some values

  9. I've never said that about anyone.
    But if I were to say it, it would only be about deeply degraded drug addicts or alcoholics, whose addiction has completely erased the traces of their personality.

    There are also disabled people who were born with severe mental disabilities, people who turned into vegetables as a result of an accident or illness. Technically, their nervous system is unlikely to be capable of any complex processes. But I can't call them empty. These are disabled people.

    All the other people… I have no idea what's in anyone's head. And I don't want to know 99 percent of the time. I wouldn't call anyone empty. Just because I have no reason to. And slander just like that is stupid.

  10. Neurotics are empty inside. All our lives trying to plug the “hole in the chest”, we tirelessly fuss, set global goals, sacrifice the human for the sake of ambition. But, if you dig, the process does not bring pleasure, and the result does not bring happiness. Therefore, we are empty in fact, although often interesting from the outside. Yes, that's why we love emotional swings, artificial stuffing of feelings, so that life does not seem so fresh.

  11. An empty person is associated with someone who never has an opinion of his own. Who always wears a “mask” and changes it and his behavior depending on those with whom he communicates, sometimes exactly the opposite. How to talk to a mirror, who will fit such thoughts, but there is no one of their own, it's empty… communication is useless.
    Fortunately, there are no such people in my environment, and to judge like this, you need to understand that a person does not only behave like this with you.

  12. I call empty people those who live on base instincts and do not even live, but live out. People with no interests, no thoughts in their head, nothing to talk about, no plans for the future, they just eat and watch TV shows, comics or TV shows.

  13. I never speak of anyone like that because the word “Emptiness” has a special meaning for me. Emptiness is the first beginning, emptiness is a sacred word, because everything that exists in our world tends to emptiness. Only through emptiness can we live: and this is breathing, nutrition, blood circulation, heart function, movement, etc. That is, thanks to emptiness, we live, enjoy life. Man is powerless to realize the greatness of emptiness!!! When we say that a person is “empty inside”, we confirm this.!!! With respect.

  14. About those who are not interesting in any way. About the victims of fashion, about those who lack individuality, about those who do not develop either mentally or emotionally. They can be called a herd, a society where the same ideas and beliefs revolve, where everything seems to copy each other

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