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  1. This is a very vague question, and I am not a very “smart” person and it is difficult for me to answer, but I will try. It seems to me that everyone here has their own approach and it depends on the abilities of the mind of the evaluator himself. For some, one is smart for someone else.

    You can be well versed in astrophysics and related disciplines, but not be able to read poetry or vice versa perfectly write articles about music or movies, but absolutely do not understand what the theory of relativity or quantum mechanics is.

  2. I would say this: intelligence is the ability to solve non-trivial tasks without prior learning, plus the ability to be aware of the reality in which these tasks are “located”. the second point is almost more important than the first. a smart person, of course, understands that a lot of abstract tasks can simply not be solved (unless, of course, you are paid money for it or a Nobel prize is shining, but this already applies to the second point – it gives the case meaning and weight in reality). a person who masturbates his brain by running meaningless “interesting ideas” back and forth in it is essentially a fool. something like “if you're so smart, why are you so poor”))

  3. When I asked myself this question, I personally came up with this formula::

    mind = baggage of_knowledge × ability to_resolve_tasks

    If a person is well-read and knows a lot of things, but cannot effectively operate with this knowledge , then this does not indicate a large amount of intelligence ( baggage of_knowledge × 0 = 0 ). In my mind, this is something like Wasserman (sorry, Onotole fans)

    If a person has developed intelligence, he can effectively solve problems, but there is nothing to operate with – you can also consider a person not too smart ( 0 × ability to solve tasks = 0). In my opinion, this type is close to children from school who did not study well, but thanks to cunning and innate intelligence, they were able to write off on time and imperceptibly and generally get out of any situation.

    The development of both gives an exponential growth of the mind 🙂

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