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  1. A person who will keep a lively and mobile mind. Will not lose the ability to find amazing things in ordinary things, admire and experience joy. He will be able to keep the child's genuine curiosity and curiosity, will not raise his own vast life experience to the absolute, but will be able to look at things more broadly and deeply. A person who will not live in the past and be nostalgic about his own youth. Who will have classes and work, and not doom himself to a meaningless existence. This is probably the main point.

  2. First of all, healthy, so as not to be a burden, fun, optimistic granny… garden beds, books, children, grandchildren, kitchen, forest, sports(even if not running, but walking…although who knows))), trips are far and near…let the awl be in the priest, if only there was no insanity…and die in an instant.

  3. I hope that nothing. That I won't live to be old. Because it's bad to be a crumbling bag, spending most of your life in clinics

  4. Granny in an old Ford Mustang driving through the city, and with a huge amount of travel baggage in the past. So that you can tell your grandchildren what it's like to pet penguins and eat cactus.

  5. It is easier to give an example: I have a colleague at work, so for a moment she is 72 years old, and her life is much more active and busier than mine. She goes on long-term vacations at least twice a year: this year it was Vegas, last year it was Dubai and Greece, and the year before that it was Australia and Italy. She goes to balls about once a month and meets her friends for lunch almost every week! Her hair, makeup and nails are always in perfect order, she dresses very stylishly and does not forget to go to the gym. And you know, I envy her, because all I can do after work is drag myself home and I definitely don't have enough time for balls! I hope that this is how active I can and will want to be in retirement, although she still works 4 days a week!

  6. I would like to be someone who will never give up on himself and will not “live out”, who will not lose interest in life. Those who will always be able to help, but will live their own life more than being in the position of a free babysitter for their grandchildren. Those who will understand innovation and new technologies to the best of their ability. Who will not need daily help and care from their relatives, but will be able to serve themselves independently.�

    And also for those who will not be forced to go somewhere by bus every morning at 7 am :))

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