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  1. The rejection of the desire for an ideal figure in favor of the pleasure and health that sports bring. Paradoxically, at that time, I finally felt beautiful and began to like myself even more. Everyone started saying that I lost weight and looked good, although I didn't go on diets, but just went to the gym 2-3 times a week (for the sake of that pleasant fatigue after a good workout).

    And the refusal to “cling” to specific people who are not very pleasant and interesting to me, but what to do, ” not-the-same..”. This is a direct consequence of adequate, good self-esteem.�

    So I advise you to give up the bad attitude towards yourself, love yourself and appreciate.

    • From the TV. I am not behind the times and do not know the latest information – I choose whose opinion on this issue to listen to, I have my favorite speakers in the information space.

    I finally had time to listen to webinars on nutrition and healthy living – I do not know who ate up my time before. Apparently, it was easier to press the button on the remote control and listen to the news in a second round, than to spend a couple of minutes and set up a YouTube channel.

    Excerpts from the obtrusive ad stopped popping up in my head.

    I stopped getting annoyed at the ridiculous phrases I picked up while listening to TV in the background.

  2. Refusal to accept the fact that there are any rules or prohibitions in the world.

    It sounds silly, but in fact it helps to live a more fun and interesting life. And no, this is not YOLO or “We live once” in Russian. The clearest description of a given life position: You can do whatever you want, as long as you deal with the consequences.

  3. From meat. No matter how stupid I may seem to others, but I did it abruptly, and at that moment I was working in a public catering service – they fed me food that always had meat in it. They looked at me askance when I asked them to make me a caesar without chicken. However, I haven't eaten it in 2 years. What has changed : I get less sick, feel better, have less money for food, and the likelihood of getting fat has also become less.

    Recently quit smoking at work. Bottom line: no weird coughing, shortness of breath, and spending money on cigarettes. Oddly enough, it turned out to be very easy-just stop going for smoke breaks. Now I can't stand tobacco smoke.

    I gave up alcohol for a month. The result – I slept better, ate less, and generally felt much better.

    I plan to get rid of the sweet stuff. And possibly alcohol.

  4. Refusal to drink alcohol 10 years ago, and so would have been a corpse. I drank heavily and for quite a long time. I feel much better now, even though I was younger then

  5. The complete rejection of flour, sugar and fatty foods changed my life. The result, for me personally, brought a lot of joy:�

    • minus 20 kg of weight

    • normal blood pressure

    • good sleep

    • no shortness of breath�

    • clothes in my size are much easier to find now

  6. From someone else's opinion.

    You won't believe it, I've started to behave the way I want to. I began to dress exactly as I want. I have learned to express MY opinion without being forced. I just learned to talk.�

    Of course, the opinion of some people can still influence me – this is the opinion of my loved ones, those I love and cherish. Moreover, rather, they do not want to harm them, but just give advice, and then you will have to figure out what to do and how best to do it:)

    I'm just slowly becoming an independent individual, which is good news:)

  7. From sugar)
    Without ice cream / buns/sweets, life is not fun, but they can be replaced with fruit, which, by the way, is also cheaper

    I eat less, have a better appetite, and sleep better.
    Maybe this is paid anti-advertising, but this decision was influenced by the Australian film “Sugar”

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