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  1. If you are really interested in science, then, of course, you should read Freud and other Freudians and neo-Freudians (Adler, Jung, etc.). Among Russian psychologists, I would recommend K. D. Uznadze and F. B. Bassin.

    But if you're just interested in what people are saying, read everything. Today, almost every book has the word “unconscious” in it. I recommend detective stories.

  2. These issues are dealt with by academic experimental psychology, i.e. psychology as a science, not a conversational genre.

    To learn more about this concept, it is highly desirable:

    -1- fluency English

    – 2-have access to scientific psychological journals. For example, the APA (American Psychological Association) registry contains many scientific journals. Please note that you should not focus on Russian magazines.

    – 3-understand the difference between science and pseudoscience (psychoanalysis, etc.)

    And then look for articles called “unconscious mind”.

    Well, you find real scientific data, not speculative opinions.

  3. Since the time of Grandfather Sigmund, oh, how much water has flowed!

    If you are interested in the mechanisms of the subconscious mind, then the new science of intellectology deals with them. It examines the activity of the subconscious mind from the point of view of what information and how it is processed, how it differs from consciousness and reason.

    A detailed answer to the question would turn into a whole lecture. If you are seriously interested in this, I will tell you in Skype – geena_rolf.

  4. So psychology is the same. And you can start with Freud. In the modern world, when they talk about the subconscious mind, most often they mean the work of the protective mechanisms of the psyche:

    1) Pushing out difficult memories (from the conscious to the subconscious)

    2) Introjection of beliefs (“you have to be good”, “you can't stick your fingers in the socket”)

    3) Projection (“he infuriates me with his impudence, I don't allow myself to behave so impudently”)


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