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  1. This is a concept that appeared a long time ago and has changed over time. It was presented not as an element of the structure, but rather as part of the composition of first a person, and then all living things. The most ancient word that means exactly the soul, the Ancient Greek -υυχή (read “Psyuhe”). Although as a concept something similar to the soul was still in Ancient Egypt and was called “Ba” – this is a bird with a human face, leaving the body of the deceased. I won't tell you who of the ancient Greek, medieval and later philosophers said something about the soul – it's almost all there, even on Wikipedia. Today we can see the soul considered as a part of the triune structure of man “spirit-soul-body”. The soul is often associated with emotions.

  2. It seems to me that the concept of the soul is one of the most complex, abstract and most subjective concepts. Many philosophical directions are devoted to the comprehension of the spiritual, including the human soul, the main one of which, of course, is idealistic. There can be no single correct understanding of this substance. So I will try to look at the question from different angles.

    The soul inextricably follows everything human, even when we try to give souls to other living creatures, we only transmit to them our own sense of the world, we try to personify them. Our understanding of the world is very limited in that we cannot compare it with the capabilities of any other intelligent subject. We are unlucky that we are the only intelligent species on the planet: we even attribute to hypothetical artificial intelligence features that are ingrained in us, not recognizing the possibility of the existence of a fundamentally new type of intelligence; we cannot look at ourselves from the outside and try to see the soul-there is no such mirror. From a psychological point of view, the soul is synonymous with our psyche and personality. From the point of view of philosophy, the soul is a kind of mobile set of ideas and feelings of each individual person and a reflection of the social. The soul in culture is perceived rather in terms of the moral, rooted in the body, in history, and in science — in everything that can be seen and understood. Religion, on the other hand, considers the soul to be something separate (but connected) from the body and eternal, which can exist in some states unknown to us-various interpretations, designed to get away from the real and accepted by common sense, in order to look at the person from the outside.

    I believe that the inability to understand the spiritual in us reflects the inability to understand ourselves and others, our impotence, which we try to overcome, but this often comes out only through mythology and self-deception, and not genuine and good ideas.

  3. Despite the fact that each of us has a very direct relationship to the existence of the soul, it is not entirely easy to answer what it is in essence. Yes, if we take into account the fact that historical philosophical thought has been working on the solution for more than one century and millennia, and could not give a clear (conceptual) answer. But nevertheless, they still decided from what positions it is worth approaching its consideration, and then studying.

    So, according to them, the soul is an entity, as they put it, of a non-corporeal type. Which means that it has a different nature than what is located around us – the world in the form of corporeal and material. It is invisible, it exists outside of space and time.

    They also came to understand that the soul is connected with the existence of a person, because together with the corporeal essence it forms a “single” person.

    If we talk about a person or other living being, then the soul (as these philosophers think) is their main part, or even, we can say that there is their center or the beginning (of being) of each of them. The ancient philosopher Plotinus notes: “The good of the body lies in the soul, for without the soul it could neither be formed nor continue to exist.” From this principle all rationalistic activities originate or are related to it, since the basis of the soul, as philosophers believe, is the mind. And the presence of reason in it endows a person with very many < and > worthy of his (being) abilities, and with them opportunities.

    And yet, it does not exist by itself, that is, separately from everything else, as for example, bodily substances. The nature of the soul does not allow all this, because by its very nature it is in the deepest relationship with the world and, above all, with its beginning. And only through it – and with everything else.

  4. In my opinion, the soul is another name for what is usually called the “inner world”.

    A thinking being, which at the moment is only one, is a person – in the process of thinking, imagination, fantasy works. This began to develop very strongly with the advent of speech. Denoting whole groups of objects, concepts, and substances with words is a path to combinatorial solutions, the same as optimization in programming. Skipping the intermediate “chains” of designating objects and actions, you can quickly come to some conclusion and even, fantasizing, create concepts, entities, and phenomena that do not exist in the real world. All this is stored in us with the help of memory, forming our inner world.

    A person with a developed abstract thinking and imagination, a creative person, sometimes has an inner world in some sense richer than the external one. Such people share their inner world with the outside world, creating art: music, poetry, painting.

    Introverts usually have an extremely developed inner world. About such people they say “he does not need advice”, “he is self – sufficient” and even sometimes-that he does not need communication. In fact, he needs communication, he just gives to the outside world from a certain age and accumulation of experience, more than he receives in the form of impressions from the outside world.

    This whole totality of the inner world is, in fact, the soul. And although this concept is more often used to describe human behavior, its moral and ethical components-in fact, the soul as a concept is much broader…

  5. “Every soul will taste death, but only on the Day of Resurrection will you receive your full reward. He who is removed from the Fire and admitted to Paradise will be successful, and the earthly life is only the enjoyment of deception.” – (Surah 3. The family of Imran, 185.)

  6. What kind of thing is a soul? If it is not there, then why does the SOUL ache, the SOUL sings, the SOUL asks, the SOUL rejoices, the SOUL does not tolerate, the SOUL walks? Why does the SOUL feel dreary, and what happens when the SOUL freezes? Why is there a small SOUL and a wide SOUL, a thin SOUL, a beautiful SOUL, a wide-open SOUL? When the SOUL goes into the heels of fear-it is clear, but where does it happen when the SOUL is not in place? Where is this place? What keeps the SOUL alive? How does the SOUL know the measure? And how much (something there) YOUR heart's content? And can a soulless person deceive the SOUL? And if the SOUL doesn't lie, what does it do? And why doesn't she like people standing over her? And how does someone manage to get into another person's SOUL? And what is it wound up on, if you can exhaust your SOUL? And how to measure the depth of the SOUL? And will this depth change if you pour out your SOUL to someone? And how does the SOUL feel like a stone? And where do cats come from who are scratching their souls? And if the SOUL is torn apart-can it be torn apart? And what will you see if you turn your SOUL inside out? And where can you keep pennies for your SOUL? And where can I take my SOUL? Why is it that when you love a person, you dote on them?… Well, in the end, I wish you to live with your Family and Loved Ones SOUL to SOUL!!! ” – borrowed from VKontakte.

    To live soul to soul is to be a relative. However, how can there be a soul in a person, if the Devil himself (mind, ego) controls him? A person is an ego, an artificially created soul, generated by society in the darkness of your consciousness. The soul in a person is a lie, with the help of which society managed to arrange its own survival in you. Your true center is the living soul, the Soul of the One God, not the body, not the mind, not the ego, not the knowledge… But you cannot return to its abode without disappearing, dissolving into a new order of consciousness established not by society (man), but by existence itself.

    Before you, existence is in you, that which is called the Soul of God. You (mind, ego) are the soul, the very creation. What is given to you by birth from man is not given from God. The first is from God, the second from man, the Devil, in a different way, which makes you wander, suffer, confuse the way to Home.

    But how to recognize His Will, how to follow It? You can learn the path as you sink into It. It is His Will to be destroyed, to disappear in the contemplation of himself, like the noise and echoes of the ego-mind, the inner essence of the soul will manifest itself.

    Contact from God is always in the heart, because you are temporary, and He is eternally Here. His Voice will instantly become available to you, when the mind is silenced, you will hear yourself in complete silence. Therefore, as soon as you hear the voice of God in the Light of Consciousness, stay in him, in this state of God, and now in yours.

    Grigory Skovoroda said that: “The soul is what makes grass grass, a tree-a tree, a person-a true person. Without it, grass is hay, a tree is firewood, a person is a corpse…”

    The frying pan says that the soul is life! Oh, yes, it is the soul that animates us, without the soul we are a corpse, that is, a dead past in the depths of the cesspool of the mind, which, against our will, we serve out of unconsciousness to ourselves, becoming only its content! Only the soul can animate us, making us truly present with a living awareness of ourselves, not from the contents of the mind, not from the past, but directly, directly in the here and now.

    Paulo Coelho the mystical poet and novelist confirms this with the words: “There is one great truth on this planet, no matter who you are or what you do. When you truly desire something, you will achieve it. After all, this desire was born in the Soul of the Universe. And that is your purpose on Earth.

    The soul of the world feeds on human happiness. Happiness, but also grief, envy, and jealousy. A person has only one duty – to follow his destiny to the end. Everything is in it. And remember, when you want something, the whole universe will help you make it come true.”

    In other words, if something real exists, it exists only with us, with our eyes and ears, outside of ourselves, there is no truth, as well as no lie! So it's important to understand who you are!? If you are a person who lives out of the mind, the truth is not you, you are a lie, a delusion, an illusion.

    This is very important to be aware of. Otherwise, you will still be under the illusion that your desire is real, and you will definitely achieve what you want, because “the whole universe will help to make your desire come true.”

    No, it will not, moreover, it is this delusion that will deprive you of the opportunity to fulfill your true purpose on Earth – to end the illusion in yourself, with the illusory self. If you do not realize this, the Universal Soul will not manifest itself through you with happiness, grief, envy, or jealousy. All this will be just an artificial, plastic expression of you.

    So if you are going to follow your destiny, follow it to the end, remember that this very end is your destiny.

    “…for whosoever will save his life, he will lose it; but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, he will gain it; what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his life? or what ransom will a man give for his life? ” (Matthew 16: 25)

    One should not be ashamed when the soul sings from the depths of the soul, the soul does not know, loves to open up and sparkles with joy, pouring out… So that the soul can open up in itself, without hesitation, one should not deceive the soul when it hurts and suffers drearily… Why endure when the soul is being shaken or when it sinks into the heels of fear and melancholy freezes… And, if they stand over the soul or spit in it, get into the soul so that the cats scratch the soul and everything in it is torn apart, do not let the soul be confused in misfortune, drop the stone that lies on the soul, otherwise, like a fly with sadness and fear, you will have to fasten it to close in front of a Friend…

  7. If we think from a materialistic point of view, then the soul is a word, a speech concept that is strongly rooted in our speech. In principle, soul = personality, if we include both consciousness and unconsciousness, emotions, instincts and reactions in the “personality”.

    Logically, the soul cannot be detected with our cognitive tools. You can remember here about “21 grams”, but this is all idle speculation, and not the subject of serious scientific reasoning. So, if something can't be detected, then it doesn't exist.

    Still, it would be too easy to discard the “soul”. After all, this concept is so ingrained in our culture and language that if we are left without a “soul”, we become soulless, and this is unacceptable for our soul culture. In other words, the soul is not so much a property of the person himself as a characteristic of his behavior, reaction. Especially deep, intimate, important and intimate things we do “with the soul”. And that's why we say that ” the soul hurts.” Just other words to explain their states, we will be difficult to come up with.

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