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  1. Porn uses a large number of sexual triggers, which include sexual behavior.

    Oversimplified, sexual triggers are visual, kinesthetic, or auditory stimuli that trigger sexual arousal. There are more or less common stimuli for all people (for example, big breasts, a thin waist, big hips for a woman for men), there are some very specific ones for each person, they are usually called “fetishes” (for example, bare feet or verbal humiliation).

    Arousal involves sexual behavior, which is actually the way we try to “attract” a partner and get sex. In the case of porn, sexual behavior is simply masturbation.

    The porn industry has long known by experience which triggers are most popular among people. Cram more triggers into a porn video, and hooray, viewers get excited when they watch it.

  2. It's very simple. Porn shows things that the wife or girlfriend won't agree to. And I don't mean an orgy or perversion, but sometimes women are very tight. They don't want any experiments. Let's just say it's just a missionary position. And no more.
    So sometimes you have to watch porn. Unrealized and suppressed desires were not canceled. Alternative: let's just say cocottes, or porn.

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