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  1. And what do you think serotonin and other biochemistry is not a “rational answer”? It couldn't be more rational, and its utter meaninglessness only confirms this.

    It seems to me that a meaningful and at the same time rational answer to the question of the meaning of life cannot be found, because we are either waiting for a regression to infinity, when we will simply replace one explanation with another, and it with an even more complex and verbose one (why meaning? Because serotonin. Why serotonin? Because… And why …? And that's why…and so on to infinity), or we will have to postulate some axiom and dance from it, and then what is this rationality?

  2. What makes human life meaningful?

    For believers, this is the idea of God and serving God. The oligarchs have wealth and power, and so on.
    But it is based on some idea.

    Serotonin and other biochemistry?

    Serotonin is an effect, not a cause.

    Or is there still a rational answer?

    Em… do you mean what kind of idea will make your personal life meaningful?
    So this is something only you can decide.
    If we talk about people in general, then each group of people has its own idea, there is no universal answer, and I hope there never will be.

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