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  1. 1) You can't love kids who aren't there yet. No way. They don't exist. Any relationship with unborn children is a relationship exclusively with yourself, your fantasy in your head. Not with real other people.

    To love your child – in any case, you will first have to produce it.

    And even then, love-usually not immediately, but as the history of your relationship progresses.

    2) The view of life as a vale of pain and suffering is very specific. If you choose it-well, OK. Then it makes sense. If you're in hell, why invite anyone to hell? Support.

    True, my view of life as hell is as strange as a solid positivist. And I also have a lot of trust in my children, including the fact that if something becomes so unbearable for them, then killing yourself-just spit, this is not becoming a dollar billionaire. That's also why I have five)

  2. Procreation is the base that connects us with the rest of the animal world. This is something that is embedded in us from the very beginning of life as such. About “pain and suffering” – it seems strange, I think, to argue in this way. It is in our power to do everything possible for the development of our children. But to do this, you need to work on yourself, on your vision of the world. You don't have to be a “blind optimist”, no. It is enough to find something that will inspire and delight. And in the same way to introduce children to this world.

  3. Well, not all people suffer and suffer from pain. This may surprise you, but many people are satisfied with their lives and feel happy. And they want children to continue their family, to give them education, to pass on their life experience, and their property as well. Many parents like the fact that they have children. Well, those whose life is full of only pain and suffering can not give birth to children. After all, no one forces you.

  4. You ask people who have “children “: “Why do you need children?“. Of course, they will tell you that children are the meaning of life. They will put their thoughts in beautiful poetic shells. And they will always be right, because they are the majority. And the fact that the norm for the majority, a priori is considered true.

    To have your own opinion on this issue, different from the opinion of the crowd, you need high intelligence and the courage to question any statements, first of all, you need to be able to doubt your own beliefs.

    Otherwise, give birth to children, so that one day (when it's too late) you don't have a midlife crisis, and you don't blame yourself for the aimlessly lived life.

  5. In general, people like me who ask similar questions about why this should be done, evolution probably specifically weeds out. Because with a small degree of probability, such people will have children, which means that only those who do not ask such questions will reproduce, but simply love life and do it simply because it is accepted, because it can. And the answer to the question will never be whether you either follow your destiny or get out of the genetic code.

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