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  1. We are made better by other people, situations that happen to us.

    Did your girlfriend or boyfriend leave you? After a breakup, you will want to become better, achieve success, so that the person will regret it 😉

    Personally, I try to develop myself and thereby make myself better if I see a smart person. Yes, I am inspired by different people and their achievements!

  2. Good intentions accompanied by good deeds. The ability to forgive and let go. The ability to stop yourself when you want to mess up someone so badly and, in the heat of the moment, say something nasty to the other person.�

    A better person becomes if he listens to the voice of conscience without drowning out the voice of reason. If he watches good movies, reads interesting books, develops, changes in the end. You'll be better off if you don't bend over and break down from the hardships of life. If you retain the ability to make truly correct decisions.

    But this is the maximum in the program, but for now, you can just please someone close to you or do charity work.

  3. Botox injections, anti-cellulite cream. The sun also makes you smile sometimes. Good mood among the people around you, kindness. Well, and love, first of all ours in relation to something or to someone.

  4. For me, it's self-improvement. This is a personal matter for everyone – whether to do it or not. But if you consciously develop your horizons, fill yourself with new knowledge and skills, if you take care of yourself and your body, if you struggle with some fears, etc., then you are clearly moving somewhere forward. Accordingly, you become better every day than you were yesterday.

    And sometimes we are made better by the people and situations around us.:)

  5. Personally, I get better when I feel that there are people who will care about some of my success. It would seem that you need to do this for yourself, but apparently I'm showing off. I like it when I look like an interesting person in the eyes of others.

  6. There are incentives, and there are motivators. My incentive to improve has always been and still is girls.�

    All my activities are related to making myself more attractive to them. I believe that most people have the same motivations, even if they don't understand it.

    All my most unexpected actions were connected with breakups. I needed to fill the vacuum inside of me and this is a very fruitful ground for something new.

  7. No matter how trite it may sound, I believe that human relationships make us better. If you barbarically dissect this thesis: communication is always aimed at obtaining some kind of benefit. Whether it's the notorious material, emotional, and so on. And a person has to change, become better, in order to be a desirable interlocutor. This rule does not apply in all cases, since there are human stumps. In general, on your own example. Falling in love made me better, that's for sure. Moreover, falling in love with a person with whom I do not want any love relationships at all. I just develop, because I have an incentive, inspiration. We make ourselves better, but no matter what anyone says, it happens under the influence of other people. I foresee that now the crowd will run “I am strong, kokoko, I change only for myself!!!” But this is not the case.

  8. What makes you better is constructive handling of the crisis.
    What kind of crisis happened depends on the area in which you can become better.
    But how to overcome the crisis constructively is a big and complex question.
    It is obvious that if a person does not understand the crisis (or even rethink it), then no matter how he gets out of the crisis, it will not give him any noticeable improvement. But comprehension alone is not enough. Requires something else… and this “something else” is sometimes the most difficult.�
    To put it simply: lying on the couch won't make you better, stepping on a rake again won't make you better. But it already has a chance to notice the impending rake in time and avoid them in a timely manner, although it does not give a guarantee.

  9. Everything that happens to us makes us better. And to be more precise, experience.

    Under the concept of experience, everything is combined: love, self-development, victory, defeat, fame, presence at events and everything. It's hard to describe.

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