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  1. You can say that I am preparing for the time when other people's questions will become my business, in the sense of a profession. 🙂

    In addition, a person who is busy thinking about something almost all the time can sometimes be pleased to introduce some rules and variety into this business.:)

  2. Here you can pass the time, learn a lot of new, useful and not so much. Plus, the opportunity to help someone. You can also get opinions on certain issues, which may help in the future. In general, here you can learn something useful for yourself, have fun with some questions, take your time, and just relax.

  3. To be honest, I am not a person who is eager to help everyone and in everything. Rather, I can only help the person whose problem is interesting to me, and also whose problem is close to me in spirit. It is also worth noting that when answering questions, I apply my knowledge and skills, I share it so to speak. My answers are not always accepted, sometimes they are even criticized, but is it worth making excuses to people who do not know the concept of “subjective opinion”? This helps you develop your written language, immerses you more deeply into the essence of the problem, which will be much easier to deal with in the future. Still, it is one of the methods of self – education-to act as an expert on a particular issue. Every day it becomes more effective, more beautiful and more eloquent. Thanks for the question!)

  4. Help people, of course. After all, it's always nice when you know something and can help someone who doesn't know. Yes, and it is very interesting to participate in various interesting and original questions, learn something new every day and be spiritually enlightened!

    Just kidding, of course, for the sake of pluses)) 0)

  5. The question is a call for help.

    The desire to help your neighbor – after all, you do not answer all the questions, but only in the answers to which you are sure-is strong :-))))))))

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