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  1. No matter how trite I will say-in 99% of cases, if the parents did not need the child at all and appeared by chance, or if they were born “for show”, “so that like people”, and this was not supported by any upbringing.
    In ancient Russia, there was a belief that a child cursed by his own mother is taken away by demons, and a small imp is brought instead. Of course, this is a superstition, and the child does not become a demon, he just grows up a person with a crippled psyche, inadequately low self-esteem and lack of attention.
    Unfortunately, in our country (and in almost all countries of the former CIS), thanks to centuries of slavery and negative natural selection (the best either leave, or they are killed, or simply gnaw on their own fellow citizens), a very unhealthy situation has developed when the individual is worthless. As a result, many parents raise their children in exactly the same spirit: you're nobody and you can't be called, where did you go, Herod, all my nerves are frayed, you little geek, but listen to your mother/father, we've lived longer, we know better. If you want more examples, go to dvach, where 90% of visitors are such moral cripples who received hypocritical moral norms, a bunch of neuroses and trampling in the mud from their own parents instead of education.
    Then, already broken, such children move on through our nightmarish educational system, which, again, is more like a prison for children and a way of forced socialization in the form necessary for the state. And the best person in such a system will not be the one who is the best by any objective indicators, but simply the one whom the parents themselves at least did not ridicule, but at best praised and helped.
    Few break down after all this, are treated for neuroses and low self-esteem, flourish in creativity, sports, science and other ways of realization, or find their great love. Most of these moral cripples build their own small world, in which they quietly and peacefully live out their days (even if they are still only 20-25 years old), torture themselves with alcohol and drugs and lack of self-realization, close in on themselves, go into the virtual world, or find the same unfortunate being of the opposite sex and continue to produce the same unpromising people,
    And in such a situation, it is useless to console yourself with Einstein's dictum: “We are all geniuses. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life thinking itself a fool.” For a genius without the realization and application of its talent does not mean anything. It is necessary, first of all, to stifle the voice of the serf mother, who taught “…to grovel and tremble.” Mentally spit in the face of everyone and everyone who has assured you all your life that you are nobody and call you nothing. And not for the sake of proving something to them, not for the sake of throwing their achievements in their faces, but, first of all, for the sake of ourselves, so as not to live our lives in vain, remaining lines in the census report.
    Build your own meaning, no, not to find it, but to create it.

  2. This feeling is an emotional echo of the principle of ontological neutrality and the resulting theory of potentiality, according to which we have never been, are not, and will not be-we can always be. It's all a dream, wake up. It's all a dream.

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