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  1. I am happy that I can enjoy simple little things, I am happy with the sun in the windows in the morning and the sparrows fighting on the birch branch that grows under the window. It pleases to wake up every morning next to your loved one and wake her up with kisses. A rare and long-awaited meeting with your best friend, to do something for people and help whenever possible. I am very happy to know that spring is coming soon. And most of all, that life is beautiful, unpredictable and full of opportunities!…

  2. I am happy with my loved ones, my favorite work and all the colors of the world. I am happy even when I just walk down the street, listen to music and drink my favorite cappuccino=) Life is beautiful, you just need to learn its new facets and develop yourself, do what you like and surround yourself with nice people))) Success to you!

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