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  1. What inspires is what motivates. The ultimate goal of the nihilist is non – existence, total annihilation. This is a way to get rid of all the troubles and imperfections of our life at once.

  2. Nihilism and cynicism are a response to outdated and hypocritical “norms” of public life. When values are imposed, and others teach you how to live , there is an ideal ground for nihilism. Similarly, cynicism. When there is too much mawkish “positive” around , it is very tempting to say something cynical. When “traditional values” are aggressively imposed, you want to send everyone as far away as possible.

  3. nihilism and cynicism are all the fruits of a person's disbelief in any values of the world. Sometimes they have some logic. For example, the cynic Nevzorov – why did he become such a cynic? After all, it is known that he was a chorister in the Orthodox Church and studied at a theological seminary. But then he became an ardent atheist. The same can be said about his political path – he was both a liberal and an anti-communist and a nationalist, and he drowned all over the USSR, and apparently stewing in all this political and religious cuisine, he saw something that simply deprived him of any beliefs – a complete discrepancy between slogans and real life. Now Nevzorov calls himself a cold reptile, preferring not to strive anywhere, but only watches what is happening with a cold stare. Cynics are often disillusioned romantics.�

    However, I do not want to justify cynicism and nihilism, I just wanted to show its origins, which may be logical, but not completely. For as one of the wise men said, unwise people avoid vices and fall into the opposite. Many of the values of this world really need revision.. But only in the revision, and not in their full version.

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