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  1. I want to experience the emotions from the moment in “Equilibrium”, where the main character sees rain and cries for the first time after he stopped taking a special medicine that deprives people of emotions.

  2. The first thing that came to mind: I would like to be an architect in the movie “The Beginning”. Becoming an architect is a childhood dream, and building your own dimensions or worlds is something incredible. It was breathtaking just to watch it all.

  3. I would probably choose Cooper's emotions from the movie Interstellar. It seems to me that this film tells and shows the emotions of a person and a scientist in a very interesting way.

  4. “The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty”. Exciting travel, finding the meaning of life and yourself, it's wonderful. Definitely, I would like to visit the place of the main character

  5. TV series “how I met your mother”. In the series, the characters are so friendly, have fun communicating and making fun, I always dreamed of having a similar group of friends)

  6. I would very much like to experience those feelings and emotions, in the sense of the same strong, deep and vivid ones that the main character experienced in ” Doctor Strange “when the” teacher “showed him a” different ” reality. It is hard to imagine what the neurosurgeon, a staunch materialist, had to experience when the “world” he had been creating for so many years collapsed in an instant.

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