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  1. For me and tens of thousands of people – a trip to the matches of football Spartak, especially when he always fights for the people (for connoisseurs of political science, the main antagonists are: Evgeny Lennorovich Giner, famous for the nickname “GVK” that characterizes him, and the political project (of which there were many in nogomyach of the USSR, starting from Dynamo Beria, ending with Dynamo Kiev) FC Zenit (so the ex-Stalinist was named for a call from the Kremlin to the owner of Spartak in 2009 championship) with separatist sentiments in the style of “One city, one team, one Fuhrer”).

    In principle, indeed, as it was noted earlier in the answer before mine – emotions bring more joy in life. Especially for crazy fanatics!))

  2. Intangible pleasures in life, a huge number that cannot be counted, but, for me, one of the most important intangible pleasures is stay close to your loved one, sex, kiss, a surge of adrenaline (that is some kind of extreme situation: jump into water from a great height etc.), meditation and, of course, massage.

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