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  1. Here are a few examples from the last book I read, “Conscious Happiness”::

    “People usually think of discipline as rules: do this, don't do that. But true discipline comes from the desire to work on yourself, to notice and admit your mistakes and shortcomings.”

    “It is believed that choice and the ability to choose is freedom, otherwise it cannot be. But the choice is wise only if it is not conditioned by culture, context, trauma and habits; by making such a choice, we learn to see the world and ourselves less biased.”

    “Most of our actions are habitual reactions to the cultural and social climate and environmental conditions”

    “Stop judging. Just a few seconds after meeting a person, we make a rather peremptory judgment about them; most often it is erroneous and it is very difficult to change the attitude towards the person afterwards. The habit of judging people makes it difficult to discern their true nature, make sound decisions, and see reality for what it is.”

  2. Today – ” In solitude you devour yourself; in public-you are devoured by many : now-choose!” Nietzsche. Instead of “choose” for yourself, I prefer “alternate”

  3. “Giving up your desires is even worse than giving up your words. If you do this for so long, there will be no more desires. As soon as you don't have any sincere desires left, you are a corpse. You don't know how to live anymore.”

    Franz Wertfollen, ” A Sudden Guide to Working with people. Bayern Munich”

  4. “The fool is nurtured, the fool is carefully nurtured, the fool is fertilized… The fool has become the norm, a little more – and the fool will become the ideal, and Ph. D. s will start enthusiastic dances around him. And the newspapers are doing round dances now. Oh, what a nice fool you are! Oh, what a healthy and healthy fool you are! Oh, what an optimistic fool you are, and what a clever fool you are, and what a fine sense of humor you have, and how clever you are at solving crosswords!.. You, most importantly, just don't worry, fool, everything is so good, everything is so excellent, and science is at your service, fool, and literature, so that you have fun, fool, and don't have to think about anything… ” – Predatory Things of the century, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

  5. And in general, what were the cockroaches guilty of? Have you ever been bitten by a cockroach? Or insulted your national dignity? After all, no… The cockroach is harmless and elegant in its own way. It has the fast-paced plasticity of a small racing car. A cockroach is not like a mosquito — it is silent. Who ever heard a cockroach raise its voice? The cockroach knows its place and rarely leaves the kitchen. The cockroach doesn't smell. On the contrary, cockroach fighters defile their homes with the foul smell of chemicals. It seems to me that all this is enough to make peace with cockroaches. Falling in love is too much. But I think it is possible to reconcile. I, for one, put up with it. And I hope it's mutual. (S. Dovlatov)

  6. And risk gives our existence a special edge. Only then is life worth living. We are too much pampered, tarnished, accustomed to comfortable living. No, give me a rifle in my hand, a vast expanse of space and a vast expanse of horizon, and I will go in search of something worth looking for. The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle

    • “Don't be afraid of the baba that's hiding under your bed, silly. Don't be afraid of non-existent monsters that you think are lurking in the shadows and want to eat your bones. Didn't your mother teach you to be afraid of real people?”

    Deus ex machina (alas, a deleted work from the Internet)

    • “I was surrounded by my personal hobbies, my books, my trees and flowers in the garden, and I shared my sadness and tears with them.”

    “Confessions of a Schoolboy”by Zhenya Zolotov

    • “You see, it doesn't really matter. A person can suffer a lot or suffer internally all the time,and at the same time, like… well… how does it happen, huh?.. at the same time, to be and remain… a fun guy. And a decent person. Very decent.”

    “Blue fat”Vladimir Sorokin

    • “I like Christ in general, but I don't particularly like all the other stuff in the Bible.”

    • “Yes, once you die, they'll put you away immediately! The only hope is that when I'm dead, someone smart will come along and throw my body in the river, or something. Anywhere but this damned graveyard. They'll also come and put flowers on your stomach on Sundays. That's also bullshit! What the hell does a dead man need flowers for? Who needs them?” � � � � � � � ��

    The Catcher in the Rye by Jerome David Salinger

  7. There are many of them. The first thing that comes to mind:

    “It's a shame to be happy alone…” by A. Camus “The Plague”

    “Selfishness is a natural human trait. You demand unselfishness from others, but this is a monstrous claim. You want them to sacrifice their desires for yours. Why should I? When you come to terms with the idea that everyone lives only for themselves, you will be much more lenient towards your fellow human beings. They will stop deceiving your hopes, and you will begin to treat them much more mercifully. “S. Maugham” The burden of human passions”

    “As for God, the last tentative sprouts of faith had died out in his soul under the influence of the acute disgust that the architectural appearance of the school chapel inspired in him. Many years later, when he was passing through Rugby, he was surprised to discover that Herbert Butterfield's Neo-Gothic creation was actually incredibly beautiful. When he was in high school, it had seemed ugly, and in the light of his self-absorbed fascination with science fiction, it looked more like a brick spaceship frozen on the launch pad. One day, as he sat in Latin class and looked out the window at the chapel, he wondered, ” What kind of God would want to live in such an ugly place?” The answer came instantly: of course, no self-respecting God would live there — and of course, there is no God at all, not even one who likes bad architecture. By the end of the lesson, he had become a staunch atheist… “S. Rushdie ” Joseph Anton”

    “Let's not impose our religious views on each other,” he suggested pleasantly. – You don't believe in your god, I won't believe in mine.” A deal?” J. Heller “Catch 22”

  8. ‘The best consolation in life is when you can look over your shoulder and see that behind you in the queue are those who are even worse off.’

    ‘Most often, people leave a small town to dream of returning there. And others stay to dream of leaving there.’

    “Some of us are born human. Others go to this all their lives.’

    “There are worse ways to die than death.'”RANT: BIOGRAPHY OF BUSTER CASEY ” CHUCK PALAHNIUK

    ‘Never before have I experienced with such force as today, the feeling that I am deprived of secret depths, limited by the limits of my body, light thoughts that bubble up from its surface. I make memories out of my present. I am thrown back into the present, abandoned in it. I try in vain to keep up with my past, I cannot escape from myself.'JEAN-PAUL SARTRE'S “NAUSEA”

  9. This was exactly what I couldn't comprehend: the gulf, the complete disparity between how easy it was to kill and how hard it was to die. It was just another bad day for us; it was their last.

    Jonathan Littell, ” The Benevolent Ones.”

  10. “Once, at a camp, the apostles decided to have fun: measuring their strength, they lift stones from the ground — who is the bigger? “and they throw you into the abyss.” Judas lifts the heaviest piece of rock.His face is radiant with triumph: now it is clear to all that ” he, Judas, is the strongest, the most beautiful, the best of the twelve.” “Lord,” Peter prays to Christ, ” I don't want Judas to be the strongest. Help me�defeat him! ” — ” And who�will help Iscariot?” – with печ sadness responds�Jesus.”

    Leonid Andreev, “Judas Iscariot”

  11. “You can't give a person power over other people without tempting them to abuse that power.
    The temptation is stronger the more powerful it is, and few people can resist it.”
    Lord Acton's Law of Corruption

    What are the goals of a worm impaled on a hook? Goals have rybak and rybka. A. Zamyatin.

    The sun exists even when the sky is overcast (c)

    A suicide is like a chess player who is faced with a very difficult task and simply swipes pieces off the board.�

    if a person has failed in a relationship, you should not devalue love, as psychologically immature people who have not succeeded in love sometimes do. They are like the fox who, not reaching for the grapes, declared that they are green and sour, and themselves close the path to happiness.�

    lack of pleasure does not detract from the meaning of life. To evaluate a melody, it doesn't matter if it's major or minor.

  12. From “Rubaiyah” by Omar Khayyam :

    Why do you torment your mind in the circle of search?,

    And you cry for the futility of your favorite dream,

    After all, you are permeated with God from head to toe,

    Unknown to yourself, what are you looking for ?

    This is one of my most influential poems)

  13. “The death wish is not a death wish. It is only a desire for a change of state. Which by and large is an extreme expression of the desire to live.” Vladimir Dudintsev, “White Clothes”.

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