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  1. Neologism, technocratic conservatism, �transcendental pragmatism, racial realism (realism), �alter-globalization, legal positivism, Pro-ethnic nationalism, �postatlantean* postimperialism, post-humanism, Patriarchy, �anti-liberalism, antisocialism, anti-Marxism, anti-communism, �anti-democratic, antiabrasive, �aktivitetit, anti-feminism, �antitrematode* antimaterialism, antimultiplicative, �Antipolis, antitraditionalism, antiegalitarian,.

    *however, I am not against tolerance, which, unlike tolerance, does not have a “semantic shift towards “accept”, I do not share the modern “attitude of tolerance, which actually means intolerance to” the traditions of European civilization.

    ** The integral traditionalism of Rene Guenon and his followers.

    ***I “accept the view of Halford Mackinder regarding the Romano-Germanic” type and see the Europe of the Fatherlands in this format, rather than the Byzantine or Eurasian format. However, for me, the Romano-Germanic type is Order, and the Byzantine – Eurasian type is Tyranny.

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