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  1. Human activity (life) is controlled by cognitive maps – a system of meanings, beliefs, and values of a person. They determine the decisions of a person, his flow of thoughts, emotional reactions and actions from which a lifestyle is formed.

    The structure of the cognitive map, the completeness and quality of beliefs and values can be characterized by such a dyad as wisdom-ignorance. Erroneous beliefs that cause maladaptive behavior are delusions.

    If a person overestimates something, increasing its significance to the level of addiction, then this super-valuable belief or idea is a hook, which is also the basis of maladaptive reactions.

    Also in the structure of the psyche there are protective mechanisms, the purpose of which is to ensure a fragile balance, not to allow the psyche to collapse into a state of even greater chaos and self-destruction. They not only protect you from deterioration, but also from any changes, including positive ones.

    Thus, we can identify three key reasons that underlie all the troubles, problems and difficulties:

    1. This is ignorance or delusion.

    2. Super-values, engagement.

    3. Security features.

    Hence the logical questions arise:

    • How to overcome them?

    * How to get rid of everything that hinders in life?

    I have prepared simple and specific solutions for you in this video.

    If you want to see only your favorite moments, then I made a timeline of this entry for you:

    00: 00-00: 57-Introduction. Demonstration of delusions, hooks, and defenses as a triad of deformations.

    00: 58-01: 03-Graft video.

    01: 04-01: 09 – Presentation by Sergey Vlasov.

    01: 10-01: 18 – Video topic “How to remove something that prevents you from living or the key triad of deformation”.

    01: 19-01: 58 – What is the ” Key Strain Triad?”.

    01: 59-03: 18-The cause of all troubles is “Delusion and ignorance”.

    03: 19-04: 18 – The second reason is “Hooks”.

    04: 19-05: 56 – The third reason for “Protection”.

    05: 57-07: 55 – How will this help me? Justification of the benefits of understanding the causes of all adversities and ways to overcome them.

    It is very important for me to know what you think about this issue. Share your thoughts and ideas here in the comments.

  2. Confidence in the unfairness of life, which has passed by everyone but yourself.Internal resentment and bile, instantly appearing to the accompaniment of bloodshot eyes, at the sight of the good luck of people around.

  3. It looks like one of the ” main questions of the Russian intelligentsia – Who is to blame?”, and there are no guilty people, there is an opinion that the government is to blame, perhaps the oligarchs, perhaps aliens who secretly kidnap people and program them for “bad lives”. It seems to me that everyone can change their life by investing some effort and time. Some do not have enough patience and they start to feel sad and look for the guilty ones, but as I wrote above, there are no guilty ones. Do not look at how beautiful others live, but gradually, as much as you can, improve your life every day. Everyone who does this, in my opinion, sooner or later stops complaining about life. Good luck to you, and more opportunities!

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