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  1. How interesting is the question: “What psychological techniques do you use when communicating with people?” – and they didn't say anything about the purpose of communication. Can your goals be different?

    You can simply, without any second thought, communicate, enjoy the process, learn something new, share news – implement a social function, so to speak. You can communicate in order to learn more about a person (and this information is usually also needed for something). It is possible – to make the right impression on the interlocutor and get some kind of reward as a result, not necessarily of a material nature. You can-to terminate the contact as soon as possible. You can-to help a person professionally, as doctors, psychologists, teachers, social workers, and clergy do.

    There are a lot of techniques. There are people who spend almost their entire lives studying them. And it is very important to remember that psychological techniques work when:

    • the other person is listened to, trying to understand not only what he says, but also what sounds like “between the lines”;
    • monitor the behavior of the interlocutor, at least at the level of his physical comfort;
    • they help him with intelligent and well-designed questions;
    • Don't stick out your “I”;
    • observe the rules of etiquette of the area where communication takes place;
    • if communication is offline or via video, they do not deprive the other person of eye contact.

    If you simply” mirror ” gestures, fix your gaze on the face of the interlocutor to track where he directed his gaze or continuously smile at him-regardless of the topic of communication, then such contact will most likely not be particularly successful.

  2. Well, perhaps, if you can only call it a “psychological technique”, then only one. Complete frankness and my complete truth. Do you want to try it? Nothing interferes.

  3. I don't use any techniques. And if you need some techniques to communicate with people, this is a serious reason to think. Maybe you just don't feel comfortable and confident when communicating with someone?

  4. If it is difficult to look a person in the eye , I look at the bridge of my nose. So the other person thinks that I maintain eye contact, and it's easier for me to continue a serious conversation.

  5. Often, involuntarily, I copy the behavior model of the interlocutor-not a parody, but rather a selection of phrases, sometimes intonation. But this is exactly what is involuntary.

    In other cases, especially in conflict situations, I watch my body – do not cross my arms, do not hide my thumbs in my pocket, do not yawn.

    If a person seems withdrawn, then you can finish him off with active gestures and intonation �in this case, as practice has shown, the person starts counting you: 1. Stupid, or 2. Unusual and funny.

  6. I don't break personal boundaries 🙂 however, because of this, it seems that I am detached or not interested enough, because I am not interested in anything. This is not true 🙂

  7. If someone makes claims to me, even if they are unfounded, I let them speak (if they are not very verbose, if they are already beginning to repeat themselves, then I tactfully interrupt with a phrase like “yes, I understand you”), then I say something like “I understand your dissatisfaction/indignation, but …” and start my argument. Everything is calm and polite. In order not to break down, I think that the person really does not yet understand that he is wrong, and therefore do not offend him))))
    Sometimes I also say “Thank you for your clarification/response/…. “. The phrase “we will take this into account”, which, probably, can be annoying, I say to unpleasant characters who still upset me)�
    In a situation where you need to win a person over, I indicate that I understand their point of view, if not close, then clear.�
    Well, as we already wrote here, I try not to take closed poses, I look in the face.

    All this was gathered from sales managers and technical support workers)

  8. There is only one psychological method. People always try to appear better than they really are, through demonstrating the symbolic, ostentatious and theatrical reality of their Self to other people. I show them that I believe in it willingly, and that I am engaged in creating my own reality for them, which they would like to accept on faith.

    On the whole, I am willing to lie to other people and encourage them to lie in deeds, while condemning lies and liars in words. I believe in the good and positive nature of people in words, I am a misanthrope in practice.

    I defend and pursue only my own life interests, and do not blame other people who are engaged in the same activities. In conversation, I openly smack egoists.

  9. I really like this technique that dogs use (I forgot the exact quote and source):
    you need to show the person at the meeting that you are very happy to see him. And then he will automatically enjoy the meeting next time, too.�
    Well, also open poses (do not cross your arms when talking), and repeat some gestures of the interlocutor, as if to enter into unison with him. Well, just so that it doesn't look like bullying, of course.

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