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    To date, the most popular, researched and well-founded concept is the “Big Five”. These are five clusters of our personality traits. Here they are:

    • Openness to experience. This is ingenuity and curiosity as opposed to restraint and caution
    • Conscientiousness. This is efficiency and organization, as opposed to superficiality and carelessness.
    • Extraversion. This is a focus on the outside and energy as opposed to loneliness and restraint.
    • Agreeableness. This is friendliness and compassion, as opposed to brashness and detachment.
    • Anxiety (Neuroticism). This is sensitivity and nervousness as opposed to calmness and confidence.

    This is not a perfect concept, but again, there is no better option today. This one is the most researched, proven and justified one.

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    PS. You can learn more about the concept of “personality” here from this video —

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