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  1. “Why do we live at all, why?” (3-4 years).�

    On the answers of adults – “to do something in life” (family, self-realization, friends, etc.) – asked: “if we didn't live, we wouldn't have to do all this.”

    Later I realized that this is a fundamental philosophical question: “why is there something at all, and not nothing?” I became a philosopher. I ask questions and look for answers.

  2. I have a rather sad question: “Why can't you stop smoking?”

    My father smoked-every day several times he went out on the balcony and came back wrapped in a bitter smell. I saw it, knew (probably from the age of 3) that smoking is bad, constantly asked why you can't stop doing it. Not that I don't like it, but simply: if�is bad, why can't we stop?

    My parents couldn't explain it. And understanding about addictions and so on came only at a significantly older age, after popular scientific articles about probiochemistry…

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