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  1. Great question!

    Even as many as 2 questions – deep, at the same time, philosophical and existential (Existential).

    With the passage of time (and HP practice), I am increasingly convinced that it is more important to be not someone (professionally), but some kind of “good person”.

    Modern HR-s are already much, much less likely to look for “stars” and super-mega-pros, because they can already train and train beginners for themselves in corporate universities and hire suitable trainers. If they are looking for something, then, most often, for the duration of the project, and not for a permanent job.

    Now at the forefront of compliance of the applicant's corporate culture, namely, the personal qualities that are required of the employee to maintain the existing relations in the team either expressed psychological distance, strict adherence to the chain of command and regulations and claim the same from others, or, conversely, initiative, active, friendly communication at all levels of the hierarchy, etc.

    And this brings us closer to the answer to another question – what to ask yourself in order to get closer to understanding your own mission: Who am I? What is my place in this world? What do I want to achieve in the next year (3, 5 years), and what resources do I have for this? Will what I want to achieve make someone other than me happier, more energetic, kinder, more positive?

    These are not empty words, the answers to these questions are the experience of many, many people, otherwise it is called checking your desires/goals for “environmental friendliness” (utility).

    As for the profession: there are many career orientologists who can conduct a high-quality diagnosis of abilities and aptitudes and give recommendations on choosing a profession, which areas of activity are more promising now and which will be in demand in 5-10 years.

  2. Of course, I'm not getting into my own ecosystem, but I can share my experience. A couple of questions always help me in terms of my profession: what do I want for myself and what am I willing to do 365 days a year for others? In my opinion, these are two different “doings”. I still remember from sports, from wrestling, that the favorite technique and the crown are two different techniques. One just likes it, and the other is always perfect. In terms of profession, people like to eat, make love and sleep the most, but not everyone is associated with this profession. Because someone wants to feed, for example, the whole world, and someone does not. About the same with intimacy. In general, I am an artist by profession, but I do not want to draw to order for others. That's why I don't earn money this way, and I don't call myself an artist. But I've always loved giving others advice and teaching, so I work as an art teacher and that's fine with me. I managed to combine the range of interests and what I am ready to do for others. I hope I helped you, in a simple, everyday way.

  3. Good afternoon! It is important to understand your personality type and talents in the first couple of sessions. Ask your friends and family about your abilities (an outside view). Analyze what you get high from and do with pleasure. And select a list of professions based on these parameters. And then analyze each profession and, without exception, leave one or two that you like!

  4. Here are 5 questions that were very useful to me and the participants of my Path to Self program:

    What would you do even if you didn't get paid for it – just because you like it so much?

    Each of us has activities that we love so much that we are ready to do for free, and if there are also people who are willing to pay for them, then this will be just a dream.

    And, just because something comes easily to you doesn't mean that it doesn't benefit or necessarily comes just as easily to everyone else.

    If you knew that anything is possible in the world and you can't fail, what would you do?

    What have you always wanted to try, but are you afraid that you won't be able to do it?

    Sometimes fear stops us from trying. These two questions help you get rid of your fear and allow yourself to dream.

    What can you talk about with anyone who is willing to listen, because this topic is very interesting to you?

    Interest is a good indicator that you need to dig in this direction, as gold particles on the surface can indicate a gold mine underground.

    What qualities do you need to realize your passion, but you are afraid that they are not there? What attracts and scares you at the same time?

    As my coach Sergey Petrov used to say, ” God gives us challenges that we can handle”” If you have a strong desire to do something, then there are opportunities for it.

  5. In my opinion, everything is very simple, in order to understand what you need in this life and who you want to become by profession, you need to ask two questions:

    1. What you want to become in this life.
    2. What to become by profession.

    The only thing I can say about the profession, go easy in this life and most importantly do what you really like, from which you get pleasure. It doesn't matter what it is.

    And the occupation that you do not like will spoil your life and will not bring anything good to society.

    As experience shows, it is very difficult to adapt and guess the profession.

    From personal experience.

    In the era of perestroika of the late USSR, the profession of lawyer and lawyer was, to put it mildly, not very promising. And even the police, who wanted to, if desired, entered the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In any case, there were no bribes and there were no crowds of people willing to pay.

    Less than 20 years later, lawyers have become extremely popular and very well-off people. And for a lawyer's license, even in some cities of the regions, they gave a million dollars!

    When I entered the Ministry of Internal Affairs Academy, there were up to 50 people in one place. And mothers with panami brought pl 5-7 000$ at that time it is a one-bedroom apartment in Voronezh.

    I basically did not enter anything for three reasons:

    First of all: I only had two 4's at school (I studied physics and chemistry there).

    Secondly, I was not very enthusiastic about the prospect of starting every morning with a divorce on the parade ground for the next 5 years.

    Thirdly: physically, there was simply no such money.

    But fate played some kind of cruel joke with me and instead of going for a year after school without passing the competition, I was also enrolled on the budget!

    I still don't understand how it happened.

    During that period, I saw a lot of people who went because Dad said so. A farmer's son was like that with me in the course. I constantly drew cows and talked about their breeding. And there was a convinced opponent that it is impossible to plant fields with soybeans, after it then wheat will not give birth. And the police only caused sadness.

    You definitely can't do that.

    In the end, despite the fact that I finished, this is not my thing, I did not torment myself. Then she took a different road.) And as life has shown, not in vain.

    So it is not really possible to guess which profession of the future. Just do what you like! As one person said: do what you can, it will be what it will be…

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