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  1. You will still laugh, but this is a quote from the site Hangover. rf:

    The fact that the scientific method works can be easily seen by looking at a huge amount of complex technology, which was built solely on the knowledge obtained by the scientific method. We don't have televisions, cars, painkillers, clothing, or building materials that are built on the basis of knowledge that would be obtained by some other method. No one has yet compiled a map based on information from sacred books, stories from voices from the sky or messages from extraterrestrials, visions and revelations, rumors or myths.

    Thanks to her, I learned about the basics of the scientific method, but this is not the most important thing: I began to be more critical of various points of view, considering them through the prism of objectivity. In particular, I stopped believing in various gossips, especially concerning me. I also came to the conclusion that success in life is the result of active purposeful actions, and not faith in this or that nonsense.

  2. No matter how great the forces that oppose you are, the most important thing is to be completely indifferent to them. And do your own thing. If you constantly look back at them, try to adjust your steps, fear or imagine your defeat, you will never achieve your goal.

    Irina Khakamada-Candidate of Economic Sciences, business coach, writer, publicist, member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

  3. One wine lover said:

    Have fun!… Don't capture the stream?

    But the fugitive stream caresses!

    There is no constancy in women and in life?

    But sometimes it's your turn!

    This verse is not something that motivates but when everything is bad, it does not allow you to go to the peak))

  4. The road will be mastered by the one who walks – this quote inspires me every time I see it, think about it, say it.

    My head's been spinning all the time latelyIf you want to live, be able to spin. Here I think, what would it be? Like while spinning.

    I also have in my collection a wonderful statement by Leo Tolstoy:Often, in order to do what we want, we only need to stop doing what we are doing. More precisely, no one has said yet.�

    And for dessert: Lord, give me the peace of mind to accept what I cannot change, give me the courage to change what I can change, and give me the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

  5. It's not exactly motivating, but it helps you think about advice and reality again and again: “Don't be a filter, be a sponge” something like that;) This is from the book It's good to be quiet

  6. The goal of life is the search for perfection, and the task for each of us is to bring its manifestation as close as possible in ourselves, in our own state and way of acting. The law is the same at all levels of existence: we choose our next world through the knowledge we have acquired here. And if here we have chosen ignorance and our knowledge remains the same , then our next world will be no different from this one, all its limitations will remain, and the leaden weight of an incomprehensible challenge will be just as heavy.

    The Seagull by Jonathan Linguinston. Richard Bach.

  7. Hegel's saying: “Everything that is reasonable is real, everything that is real is reasonable. In its development, reality unfolds as a necessity.”

    Well, in my understanding – “we deserve what we get, we get what we deserve” – this is the law of cause and effect. If you work and try – you get a life of prosperity, if you do nothing and you don't care – you get a life of poverty and dirt. Don't be surprised that you live badly, don't be surprised that you live well.

  8. Only the wisest seek in the same place twice.

    When I was a kid playing Battle Realms, I heard this phrase. I don't even really remember the plot of this moment, only that someone in search of something important destroyed something, and rushed to look further, but it was hidden in this destroyed place, because it is unlikely that someone will want to look for something in the place where he was already looking.

    Well, like motivates not to give up in search of a solution.

  9. Oksimiron: “I always said to myself: 'You need more than others'”

    Always, when I don't want to do something, I'm lazy, I want to relax, remembering this phrase and I understand: I really need more than others! Let them be lazy, and I'm not, I want to go my way to the end and get what I'm owed from life.

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