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  1. Ice shower, puero tea-invigorates much cooler than coffee, if of course the tea is real. I worked once for three days, sleeping a maximum of two hours a day. The tincture of eleteurokkoka in horse small doses helped a lot. And then a friend from the Far East gave me lemongrass tincture to try. In general, a hellish thing: a tablespoon in a glass of water and you ride like a horse, there is no question of sleep. True, the heart is pounding terribly and the pressure rises, very harmful. Suitable for a short time and then at a young age.

  2. For me, this is a contrast shower!�

    Not only does it cheer you up like hell in the morning, but it also has useful functions:

    – Contrast shower helps to strengthen the immune system and increases resistance to various diseases.

    – Improves blood circulation and thereby helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, which in turn has a positive effect on all human systems and organs.

    – Trains blood vessels and capillaries, is a good prevention of varicose veins.

    – Contrast shower strengthens the nervous system, improves mood, helps to fight stress and depression.

    – It has a positive effect on the endocrine system.

    – Contrast shower enhances metabolism and promotes weight loss.

    – Trains muscles and tendons.

    – Tightens, cleanses and improves the condition of the skin, helps to get rid of cellulite.

    – A contrast shower in the morning gives you a boost of energy and energy for the whole day.

    – In addition to the physiological benefits, a contrast shower also affects the psychological sphere. It disciplines and teaches you to take responsibility.

  3. Fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach. I'm not kidding. Working capacity is literally doubled.

    This is all I wanted to tell you about the essence of the issue, however, the service tells you to write something else. I apologize for the idle talk 🙂

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