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  1. Religions do not prohibit such marriages. They can be performed between Christians, Muslims, and Confucians. Those who conclude them proceed not from religious considerations, but from pragmatic considerations. So, in Europe, until the twentieth century, the marriage of, for example, monarchs with first cousins (due to the original kinship of dynasties) was the norm.

  2. In general, religion has nothing to do with it. This is inherent in the customs of peoples. We will not take crowned persons who were afraid to “dilute” their blood with ignoble impurities, this is rather an exception.
    I know very well a large community (by the way, Muslim), where marriages between cousins have become the basis of life, the core of their entire society. The practice of closely related marriages from generation to generation has turned the blood of cousins, practically, into their own.
    The consequences are very sad.
    First of all, mental abilities are affected, and about half of the modern children of their community have a mental retardation or mental retardation.
    Secondly, birth defects and diseases have become more frequent. Atavisms are observed.
    Third, this community is very closed to itself, focused on its own interests and does not perceive other cultures, in fact being at the stage of tribal relations. Raising children at an extremely primitive level. Children are poorly trained in the rules of behavior in society, are not familiar with etiquette, are very noisy and nervous. It is not customary to give girls an education, they exist only for housework and, having married at 15, to babysit and raise children.
    It is difficult to justify such a lifestyle. If earlier these people lived somewhat isolated (which somehow explains the reason for closely related marriages), now, living in densely populated areas of Russia in developed territories, the community does not change its customs at all. What can you do, the traditions of the people are very strong.
    When asked what is the reason for closely related marriages, they answer: the daughter-in-law will be like her own daughter for her mother-in-law, will respect and love her, besides, the bride's jewelry and dowry will not leave the family.

  3. A cousin and sister have a 94-96% chance of having a healthy baby. This is a relatively high probability. Therefore,” such mixing of blood ” is probably done for the same reasons as others.

    And about religions: this question is definitely not for the “health” section)

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