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  1. In fact, very often only non-loneliness matters. After becoming a student, social contact can drop very sharply, and this often hits everything else hardest. Especially if the feeling of uselessness was present in life before.

    I say this because I have advised people who have achieved absolutely everything possible, but because of the lack of relationships or normal friends they need, they have been extremely unhappy. Of course, you can learn to deal with loneliness, it is extremely useful, but if you do not want to go to a psychologist because of the feeling of unhappiness even with the highest achievements in your life-relationships and friends. With them, any crisis will be less pronounced, if at all.

    Only, of course, all this should not be for show, as many people do.

  2. Invest in something that doesn't fade. For example, in your favorite business, in creativity, in intelligence. These things will give you features that will attract others regardless of age, skin condition, and so on. Well, at the same time, they will also contribute to the extension of physical youth.

  3. You need to invest time and attention in yourself. But it is wise to invest in those aspects that are timeless. C Physical and mental health: this will slow down the aging and deterioration of the body's systems. Seeing the structure of the world order will help you see what is primary and what is secondary, thereby correctly allocating the resource.

  4. Well… you will still face a crisis. because this is a stage of life.

    Another thing is that you may encounter it and think-oh, I'm not so bad!

    or they will face each other and decide ” God, 30 years spent xs on what!”

    So that… well, probably a good profession. Education is never superfluous.


    The main thing is to learn how to make acquaintances because it is necessary throughout your life.

    Master some mass hobbies so that if something happens, you don't lose face.

    Learn a foreign language. always comes in handy.

    Build at least one good relationship so that you just know what they should be like.

    Not abuse, not crazy love, but a relationship that taught you to respect your partner and you learned what it's like when you are respected.

    And if they are over , it's not a big deal. the main thing is just to learn how to live.

  5. Perhaps a clear understanding of the foundation on which this crisis arises will help you, have you ever thought about it? – If you are at the age of “self-determination” as a teenager , child dependency settings, including parental bindings, are not deleted. If this isn't done in your youth, these same themes will return in midlife crisis. This is about identifying the adult “I”.

  6. A midlife crisis is an inevitability. Aging of the body has not yet been canceled , hormonal adjustment is always the basis for any kind of crisis : emotional, physical, family. What should I do in this case? The answer is simple . Become wise. And remember that everything will pass. Man is a child of obstacles . They give an impetus to the further development of the Soul. Learn to enjoy difficulties now.

  7. A midlife crisis is an inevitable milestone in the life of every person, which everyone will sooner or later “face”. For some, it occurs at 30, for others at the age of 50. This is a normal reassessment of values at a certain stage of life, you should not specifically try to avoid it.

  8. The midlife crisis is just one of the eight age-related crises of a person, and even not the most severe. Why is everyone so afraid of him?

  9. There are two fundamentally different approaches. What they have in common is that before this crisis, you can… stupidly short-lived:

    – Early to die

    • Not to solve the problems of the teenage crisis, not to pass that stage of socialization in terms of income-family, etc. �Before solving this teenage crisis, midlife crisis (what did you spend your life on, on an idiotic career and the horrors of family life?!) – completely irrelevant. So, having skipped it, we move on to the aging crisis (what does it matter what “accomplished” for whom, afedron and kakoita are ahead… – Max Fry aka Svitlana Martynchik took it, following the results of the success of the series about Sir Max-Big Peaks-no longer take, but ahead… �Yes, this is the third way! Immediately “achieve everything” – and understand that even fame, even with the attached wealth, even when it all goes at once, without losing the best part of life-all the same poo, profile view…

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