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  1. First of all, be sure that your relationship is egalitarian, and you don't treat your partner as a “separate entity” that satisfies your, say, sexual needs in the relationship.

    Therefore, treat it normally, because it is really not ready. It is better to treat each other as full-fledged individuals, as friends, without hypocrisy.

  2. She does not plan to run after you and she does not need to burden herself with obligations-youth is one and she plans to walk around the city. It's too early for her to ring. Or you are an unfavorable match for her and an uninteresting option.

  3. In the field of love relationships, there is an iron rule: any answer other than positive should be considered negative. By following this principle, you will save a huge amount of time and mental energy. Success in love is a territory where chance reigns supreme, and what doesn't work out easily doesn't work out at all. If winning someone's heart was some kind of quest that requires the diligence of the mind and will, humanity, for the most part, deprived of these resources, would have died out long ago. A lottery ticket is either a winning ticket or not, and this is determined instantly. You can't turn a non-winning ticket into a winning one, no matter how hard you try. And if we want to win, it makes more sense to buy new tickets more often. Everyone has a good chance in this game.

  4. What's your reaction? If you apply this to me, then I would say so if I was not satisfied with the format of the relationship that is offered. If this is the case, then why do you need a person who doesn't know what he wants?if it's about moving to another level of relationships, not just friendship and kisses, then she has the right to do it. But. Most likely, you are not suitable for her, but she wants to communicate so that it is not boring..

  5. It doesn't mean she doesn't like you.

    This doesn't mean that she wants to “stay friends.”

    That doesn't mean she's dating right now/sleeping with others or planning to do so.

    This doesn't mean that she has any drama in her past.

    This doesn't mean that she will never want a serious relationship.

    If a girl is in no hurry to put the status “in a relationship” on her page in the social network, swear eternal love and loyalty (with your obligatory vows and promises in return!), does not want to visit the registry office with you today, then, sobsvtvno, is this such a problem right now?

    Yes, none of you now owes anyone anything, does not owe anyone anything, does not promise, and should not reproach anyone. But maybe that's not a bad thing, huh?

    The perfect dialog:

    • I'm not ready for a relationship yet.

    • I understand you.

    Then change the topic of conversation.

  6. Something like this: “Let me know when the preparation is complete. If anything happens, I'll wait for you here.”

    In general, this is a soft version of the phrase: “I don't love you, we can't do this.”So there are 2 options:

    1) Chivalrous: pursue her. Jump out from behind every bush, chase after her, shower flowers on the roads she will walk, serenade her under the window all night long, and escape from prison, where you will certainly be put for all this, on the sheets to return to her again. And so you won't get it yet.

    2) Logical: think about the meaning of the proverb” You won't be nice by force ” and stop bothering people. Get distracted, find a hobby, get busy.

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