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  1. Well, first of all, there is no “should” and everyone chooses for himself what is more important to him.

    For me personally, these are different areas of life, and if one of the areas of life prevails over others, my life will not be complete and I will strive to balance all areas. I like to feel the versatility of life. After all, in each of these areas, I can show different sides of my inner self. In self-development, I realize my curiosity, hard work, discipline, get to know the world and myself, etc. In love and relationships, I want to realize myself as kind, caring, gentle,attentive, understanding, loyal, and so on.

    In general, I really like the division of life conditionally into 4 components: the soul (relationship with yourself), the body (physical condition, health, appearance, energy), business (study, work, self-development, hobbies) and relationships (family, friends, loved one,acquaintances). At certain points in life, certain components of life can come to the fore in order to achieve more in them and fully direct their energy there. It is not necessary that one component always leads, because everything in life is constantly flowing and changing: the circumstance, mood, people, etc. But the further you go on the road to improving your life, the wider reach you need. At least, that's my idea.

    So do not push yourself into the framework. Enjoy life in all its forms. And if you do not have time to live life in all areas-this is a completely different question, closer to time management.

    I wish you good luck!

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