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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is to expand the “I – concept” beyond the limits of one's own body and endow what is taken out of the body with a significantly higher value.

    Everything is simple. The self-concept is an image of yourself. If a person's image of himself includes his child and his care for him , he will give his life for his child. If he includes justice in his image (as he understands it), he will give his life for justice. How he understands it.

    That is why the state is particularly concerned about the idea of patriotism – of course, only in the desired version of the state! – it was integrated into the Self-concept of the country's residents.

    Strictly speaking, the instinct of self-preservation does not disappear, but rather it is deceived by the fact that it is included in the concept of “I myself”

  2. Removal or damage to the amygdala – the structure of the brain-entails the almost complete disappearance of fear in a person, reducing the “comfort zone” (you can stand close to the face of such a person and he will not feel psychological discomfort).

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