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  1. I think-vzaimino love. Even if without “lived happily ever after”. Still, it's a shame to live your whole life without feeling it. They say that everyone knows exactly what love is, until they fall in love themselves. And I'm not talking about some fleeting hobbies, not about falling in love.

  2. If this question falls into the category of sex, then I will answer it from this side.

    try to make love to a person of your own sex. Not with the first person you meet, of course, but with someone who seems really attractive to you, but why not? Once we live, everything is done, maybe even you will discover your true essence in this way.

  3. Try to realize your dream, do everything possible to make it come true, even if it seems impossible.

    Also try yourself in different areas of life. For example, start drawing, organize your own business, go into sports and train like a professional. It is in this way that you can find your purpose, find “yourself” in some business.

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