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  1. I can say that” pumping ” skills can be very difficult. A person cannot be sharpened in all directions. Art is easier for some, and exact sciences are easier for others. I can only advise you to try both options and decide what will be best given. As a rule, what is easier to give, brings more pleasure and benefits .

  2. Only that which generates income. Because as long as you learn, for example, programming, you will like it. And you will have 2 favorite things to do, but one will generate income, and the second will not. Liking/disliking is a subjective concept that must be overcome. Learn to love what is profitable to love (somehow cynical, right?). How's it going?” Does apetite come during meals? It's the same here.

  3. What you like. After all, if you choose what to do solely for the sake of income, then be prepared for life from paycheck to paycheck, lack of incentive to do your job and existential crisis, and hence the lack of creativity at work (why invent something that you don't like?) and increased fatigue.
    And if you do something that you like, something that brings pleasure , you will want to do it as best as possible. And with this attitude, you will become a master. And a master of his craft will always have an income.
    Good luck

  4. Only what you like. You can earn money on anything, but you can never become a pro in a field that is not interesting to you.

    It is because of this that konyukturschiki will never reach real breakthrough heights, and fanatics will be able to.

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