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  1. Well, since the child is weaker, I think you can scare him with rebar, a knife, a stone. You can say that you will gouge out his eyes, that you will make a sausage out of your mother. This should work if you choose the right tone and facial expression.

  2. For some reason, there are no psychologists in this topic, which is strange.

    I suggest you recall the term from the cinema (only there I met it) – reverse psychology. After the insult, you can bend down/bend your body and with a smile of admiration and an appropriate tone and servility in your eyes, start something like this tirade:

    • Oh, what a clever maaaaalchik. Did your mom and dad teach you that? Where are they?” Can you show me?” Is that your mom? What a good fellow.

    What we have:

    1. Vryayayayayayayayad whether the child will begin to be proud of his upbringing. Most likely, it will break the templates. And this is exactly what the author of the question wanted to achieve.

    2. If your parents are really around, then they will be very unpleasant to hear this speech of yours, even if they are the ultimate marginals.

    ps. If” breeders ” nesmyshlysha nearby is not noticed, then you can use the rest of the tips in the topic.


  3. It is worth considering, maybe it's time to do something about the insignificant scale of your personality, since it can hurt, and even more offend, the words of a small, stupid child.

  4. I was sitting in a cafe . At the next table, a girl of about five years old was loudly shouting in her MOTHER's EAR. After a very strong sound of the baby, I jumped in surprise , and made a remark: what, you can not shout in the room.Mom and dad of the child duet began to protect the child-This is a child, she is small, and you-already all gray-haired should stay at home . The girl's mother IS PREGNANT .Another one……. will give birth to get a mate. capital .These kids will be a copy of their parents.

  5. Don't provoke teenagers with even the right comments, don't behave in a way that shows them that you are weak and can become an easy target for aggression, and if you are attacked by a group – don't think that you can stop them with reasonable words – run away as if you were facing hungry hyenas.

  6. Why beat a child? First, you can not calculate the strength from the surging emotions and”feelings-with”!

    Secondly, children are sensitive creatures, so it's enough to scare them well so that it's not annoying!

  7. For insulting a child, I will transfer everything to shchutka. For example.” Such a cute mouth,and what dirt is coming out of it, TAKE A HANDKERCHIEF AND SPIT.”or “the eyes are smart,but the mouth is not good,where did you get it?

  8. From personal experience. �It was 300 years ago in a movie theater, I was standing in line for popcorn, followed by a girl with a kid of 7-8 years old, he eats cotton candy, periodically pulls my coat with dirty hands and seems to say something to me, I didn't understand, didn't specify, silently unhooked his hand and moved a little further. The situation repeated itself, the remnants of cotton wool on my coat, now he still has a chupa-chups and he clearly demands something from me, already with both hands. I look at my mother, she smiles and calls him to her! Yeah, right now! And then he pushes me with both hands on the neighbor and yells at the top of his voice YOU FOOL! Say I'm oh….she marveled… I crouch down, smile the kindest smile in the world, pull this shithead towards me and in a voice from a horror movie, clearly and clearly, whisper in Russian not quite literary language into the child's ear, what will become of his small head, where will my mother look for his sticky fingers, why will he have only one leg left and tomorrow during the meal he will bite off his tongue….. I had no idea that I had such a perverse fantasy. Perhaps almost in this context, it was a long time ago, I could have mixed up the handles-legs-eyes…, but the essence is conveyed exactly! For 15-20 seconds, he looked at me in silence, started to move away backwards, literally got stuck in his mother and kaaaaaak broke up! No complaints about me, everyone has seen my kind face and is sure that I explained to him how ugly it is to shout in public places! After the movie, he saw me off to the car with such an evil look, not at all childish, cursed me along the way, you bastard 😉 And so all the claims to the ancestors, children can not be beaten, you approach the mother of the bream of the soul, or the father…(if you run fast)!

  9. As far as I'm concerned, you just need to verbally humiliate the little shit right away. An adult has a lot of arguments, reasons and words for this. And try to get on the same level as him,i.e. choose expressions and intonation according to his age. In no case should you threaten your parents, the police, and so on. The whole point is in slang, facial expressions and intonation. And everything should be on the case. Children are very sensitive to injustice, and well-deserved criticism will instantly put the scoundrel in his place.

  10. Impunity breeds permissiveness. It's going to get worse. There are more and more such situations. If the laws are not changed, it will be worse than in the 90s. The police do not come to such calls, they will make you guilty in court ( I am familiar with such cases), articles on the protection of honor and dignity are applied somehow one-sidedly, not in favor of the offended person. But the parents of such a young hooligan would be fined a round sum, you see, and these very parents would take up the upbringing of minors. They have separated demagoguery from education.

  11. Ignoring is not an option, a small dirty trick will believe in its own impunity and go looking for other victims. And insults will start to choose more sophisticated. Answer rudeness to rudeness and even more boorish – not everyone can, physical impact is punishable, and besides, a boorish boy can only wait for that, and around the corner friends with phones are shooting. An idiot of an adequate age can be slapped in the face, there are no punishments for slapping, but here it is up to your own choice and so that someone can confirm that he started it first. With very small ones, it's more difficult, but I still choose not to ignore them, but a mandatory response: loudly, brazenly, more words, including offensive ones, and preferably bring them to tears, maybe it will come to the bastard that he is wrong.

  12. If it's someone else's child, then ignore it and only ignore it.

    Trolls live by consuming the attention of those they troll.

    All the time some maggots are trying to tell me something that, in their opinion, should somehow offend me.
    I ignore it.

    But I have a lot of questions for those who breed them.
    For example, maybe it was not necessary to hatch, if it eventually grows n***anutenkim?

    Recently I was walking down the street, and someone's larval voice was shouting at me: “Cool sneakers!”. I was wearing black shoes.
    He was walking with his grandmother.
    There is a growing squalor that considers the old man as its protection, and if it is rude to someone, it will hide behind the old man and nothing will happen to him.�

    Before that, there were just some maggots that yapped something at me when I passed by.

    It's sad that this shit is growing and not changing.
    Because it is just as full of adult cattle, which also yaps something at unfamiliar passers-by in the same way.

    I will make a separate episode related to children.

    I'm from Ukraine.
    A couple of years ago in Kharkiv, I was sitting with a friend in a small pizzeria. We were eating quietly until some alcoholic woman came in with a small child who couldn't speak yet. The alcoholic was familiar with the saleswoman and, apparently, repeatedly left the child on the saleswoman. In between talking to the saleswoman, she turned to my friend and me and suggested, ” Would you like to buy a baby?“.
    My friend and I went to a friend who is involved in charity work and understands custody issues, then with this friend, the three of us, returned to the alcoholic woman, next to whom a swollen father of 20-30 years was drawn. They began to ask them questions, but these drunks clearly did not want to make contact. In passing, a friend and I are told by this friend who is connected with charity that there are two ways to go:
    1) The police → long proceedings → a child in an orphanage.
    2) We don't touch them.
    Then, according to the second scenario, we leave and a friend tells us that the case is not out of the ordinary at all, and this happens there all the time. Most likely, the alcoholic who offered to buy us a baby is his grandmother, and the mother somewhere sells a vagina on the highway nearby. Prostitution, binge drinking, hatching and breeding larvae, which then also do whatever they get.
    The animal world is right next door.
    (It would seem that Kharkiv. The culture and development of this city is envied by many who live in the suburbs, the region and in general in any small city)
    So we get such children who publicly poison someone. And a whole bunch of similar fun to boot.

  13. Well, the best thing you can do, I think , is not to respond to the child with an insult to an insult.

    Then there are variations on the theme of your child or just an unfamiliar child on the street, for example.

    If a situation occurs with an unfamiliar child, then the most reasonable thing is not to react to it in any way, in the style of, boy, I do not know who you can call so, but I will not enter into communication with you. And pass by, pretending that absolutely nothing happened. On such a reaction, children usually blush and lose the fuse.

    The second option, if it is your own child, is quite difficult, at least, because then it will be necessary to admit to yourself that, as a parent, the hero of the story suffered a pedagogical fiasco and, as a maximum, now you will have to fix all this with your own hands.

    In such a situation, first of all, you need to look at where the legs grow from this behavior, for example:�

    1-communication in the family can be extremely loud, emotional and with the use of very unpleasant epithets addressed to another family member, and the child simply does not have another communicative scenario. What to do? First of all, establish communication in the family and make sure that the established rules do not have exceptions.

    2-this is not the first time a child uses insults against another family member and asks “what is this? I just said it.” There was simply a missed moment when the child needed to explain that it is not customary to communicate with people in this way. A series of conversations about respect for the other person and human dignity, in principle, can save the day.

    Well, and finally, I want to say that you should not first look for problems in the child. The child is always a crooked mirror of his environment, so if you think that he behaves somehow wrong, look at how you behave with him.

    For as the old saying goes: Don't raise your children, they'll still be like you. Educate yourself.

  14. Strange question. this is a strange situation. As I understand it, the child is not yours and there are no adults responsible for it nearby. There are actually a lot of options:

    1) Completely ignore it. Any insult is designed for a response. If it is not there , there is no point in insulting. This is especially true for very young children.

    2) Direct adult conversation. So directly, honestly and looking into the eyes of “What for, my friend,……. ?” Again, the abuser clearly did not count on this – the “program”was scrapped

    3) Evil counter irony over a small dirty trick. There are plenty of reasons for an adult.

    4) Extremely undesirable option, but if option 1 is somehow not to your liking, and options 2 and 3 do not have an effect, ONLY ORAL (no more) threat of physical impact on the “small”.

    Once again, this is a very strange situation, I have never encountered such a situation.

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