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  1. stop being a grateful listener and start ignoring the person, pretend to be bored; or come up with urgent things to do. this behavior is most often reinforced by the reaction of people around you. The more interested the audience, the higher the ESR of a person who does not listen to you. although there may be other reasons. I try to think logically, because there are no such people in my environment, and I have never encountered such a situation.

    my theory boils down to the fact that ignoring is the most powerful tool to hurt another person. it hits your ego like a low blow. it's hard to ignore them (especially if you care about them) this is a test for two sides. however, if you reach the end, you will run, and the person may understand their mistakes.

  2. I once read an interesting classification of friendship types. So, according to it, your friend uses you like a trash can, throwing out all the information, and you have to accept it and “digest”it. This kind of friendship is not constructive. Talk to a friend, tell them honestly, if the situation does not change , break off the relationship.

  3. Tell him what you wrote here. If he is really interested in friendship,then through dialogue you will come to some kind of consensus. Maybe he doesn't notice that he's hurting you and will be happy to correct the situation.

    And you can't change a person if they're not interested in the relationship.

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