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  1. First, you need to understand what exactly you are afraid of. Creepy creatures lurking in the night ? Or maybe robbers who are still trying to get into your abode ? It is necessary to understand everything in order.
    1. Do you live on the first or second floor and are afraid that someone will climb through your window? It is worth putting bars or alarms on the windows. This way you will feel safer. Do not forget about the door locks. Do you feel that they are flimsy and are about to stop performing their function in any way ? Change it !
    2. If you live in a rented apartment, then ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to rent it with you. This way you will get a company and always be close to the person who can help.
    3. If you are a believer, then pray a couple of times a day. Yes, no matter how silly it may sound, prayers give a sense of calm and peace.
    4. �Another option is to get a pet. A cat or dog. A large dog will become a protector from potential dangers, and small dogs will be a “bell” that will not ignore any rustle in the apartment and beyond. Cat �will serve as a sedative for various irritants and will help to drive the excitement away.
    5. Create comfort in your apartment. Candles, a garland over the bed ( which can burn around the clock like a night light), lots of fresh flowers, and let unobtrusive music always play softly-all this will create an atmosphere of calm, it will be easier for you to relax and stop thinking about fears.
    6. One last thing. Get to know your neighbors better ( if you haven't already ). They probably won't be as bad or scary as they might seem at first glance. Plus, you can always ask them for help in various situations in the future. Yes, and you will be more comfortable that you are always surrounded by good people.

  2. If there is no desire or opportunity to live with someone, then:

    • Write a detailed list of your fears. At what time, what fears and why do they arise
    • What can be the consequences of each fear (a made-up situation, not the fear itself)
    • Think through your actions in each scary situation
    • For each fear, find a solution to it (from the dark light, from “byaki” under the bed-mattress on the floor, unpleasant neighbors-change of apartment, psychological phobias-contact a psychologist, etc.)
    • Implement the found options
      I think someone will write a lot of other effective ways.

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