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  1. Dominate this life. You're the winner! With a patronymic, too, it's a lucrative business.
    The main thing is not to disgrace your name 😉

    22 years old, normal flight.

    All the Nikits I know are quite adequate and intelligent people.�

    P.S. Watch your health.

  2. What to do if Nikita? Make a transvestite snowman! In principle, the question is philosophical-to think about how to get out of the middle name for children.

    Although there is a good answer from the film ” DMB ” about the ant

  3. Do everything the same as if you had any other name – be first of all a Person with a capital letter and not “tarnish” this high title that you got.
    � �People say that it is not the name that makes a person beautiful, but the person's name.

  4. Change your name or rot. The third is not given, this name is like a brand of a quirky, vile and hypocritical person who tries to please everyone, imitates good deeds, but if you dig a little deeper, he is interested only in himself. More vile and dishonest people are hard to find.

  5. My partner Nikita and I once took a tour of the city when we were students, either Koreans or Mongols. So, for a long time they couldn't figure out who was Nikita and who was Natasha… So if you are Nikita, the main thing is not to be confused with Natasha.

  6. Well, first of all, call your son Dobrynya. You will have Dobrynya Nikitich.�

    Live and don't doubt anything. Always go ahead without looking back(Non-Nikits can look back, but this is highly undesirable).

    In general, all Nikita cool. Be Nikita!

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