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  1. You don't need to do anything. If a girl, having sympathy for guys of a different appearance, meets you, and at the same time you do not have quarrels about this, initiated on her part – then you have something that is much more important to her. Accept the fact that we cannot and should not become the whole world for our partners, and enjoy your communication.

  2. Nothing. I think your girlfriend's preference for overweight guys came from childhood, i.e. against the background of the psychology of her becoming a person, where the father appears as the “ideal” of the man she would prefer to have in the future, since the model of parental relations remained in her mind, which it would be easiest for her to use. And “chubby” guys are a step towards that. Maeby.

  3. Don't try to mess up your metabolism because of a hole that can throw you, even if you change for it. Do you want then problems with the body and continuous regrets?

  4. Don't do anything.
    Where is self-esteem?
    Say it bluntly: “If you're with me, then I somehow managed to please you like this.And if now something does not suit-goodbye.”

    Not for the chicken mother eagle raised)

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