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  1. You probably have a lot of time to ask such questions )) Lost it? Find it again, break your perception of reality-do something unusual for you, get a new experience, preferably positive. And before you decide psycho.tests and make all sorts of lists – from the beginning, relax, but not sitting at the computer, but actively and cheerfully. Eat well, drink, dance, and learn something new. Go for a visit. Call your old friends.

  2. I had a similar problem. I think we need to radically change the social circle, the environment, and try something new. It may be enough to change your school, or just start doing something new specifically for you. Another option is just to get away from the routine. Take a break to rethink your dreams and desires, and try to understand what you want from life. Perhaps then your life will acquire a clearer goal, which you will strive for

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